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False Flag attacks in Mumbai and destabilisation in Thailand

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

The New World Odour doesn't sleep.


Just in case you thought we had already won the etheric war for our planet: That is not so yet. Even though we have made some progress.


They haven't been able to pull of a major 911- like false flag attack in the US or a major "1st world" country for a while and it was not for lack of trying. The planned mass culling of "useless eaters" (us and other non essential individual according to Henry Kissinger) has not taken place on the planned scale, despite formidable efforts to that effect.


These "terrorist" things take logistical preparations.


The Mumbai attacks were orchestrated by the Pakistani secret service ISI on behalf of the CIA and "befriended agencies". Several combat trained groups of Pakistani mercenaries struck in a very coordinated manner within minutes of each other.



The ISI runs "islamic terrorism" on behalf of the CIA. Remember the NWO fanatics´ textbook is Samuel P. Huntington's clash of civilisations, according to which the new faultlines of conflict are the very old ones, namely Western Christianity, Eastern (orthodox) Christianity, Islam and  Hinduism/Buddhism. Interesting that the Jewish extremist group Chabad Lubawitch was also involved. (In this case as a prominent victim of attack) Their name came up big time in the assassination of populist (and popular) Austrian politician Jörg Haider. Strange then, that some of the commandos of alleged "Islamic terrorists" were actually staying in the guest house of Chabad Lubawitch  for 2 weeks. A strange world it is indeed... What sounds like an academic piece from the feather of said Mr. Huntington, a major illuminati think-tanker, is in fact the script for couvert manipulations that are designed to bring about exactly that "clash of civilisations" it purports to just observe.


It's discernment school, dude!


The clash between Pakistan and India, already manipulated into being by the parting British empire in the wake of Indian independence is particularly close to the heart of our dear wannabee masters. They just love the "divide and rule" thing and a united powerful Indian subcontinent was always very low on their wishlist. So they created the split between India and Pakistan and have been poking in the wounds ever since. Get yourself the Attenborough movie about Gandhi to get a brief sketch of these happenings. (surely not a source of accurate history but nice to watch) It looks like they have to shift their criminal activities increasingly to NON ORGONISED COUNTRIES. The more orgonite there is in a given place the more difficult it becomes for them to pull off the type of grand scale deceptions that still worked on the 11th of September 2001, albeit only for some 80% of the population. We think 9-11 was the beginning of the downfall of the system which has worked so perfectly for such a long time because so many people have started to take glimpses behind the curtain and started to recognise the pattern. Remember the burning of the Reichstag in Germany or the fake Polish attack on the Radio station in Gleiwitz that officially opened WWII? (The Nazis were leading but not alone in False flag attacks) Pearl Harbour is a famous one. The Gulf of Tonkin, the sinking of the Lusitania, just to name a few. David Icke calls it the "Problem - Reaction - Solution" pattern. You create a problem which causes a certain reaction. (In this case the hatred of Arabs and Muslims) Then you offer yourself as part of the solution. Like you feel encouraged by "world opinion" to intensify your low level war of strategic conquest in the Middle East. The British Empire has always worked like that, it's called "divide and rule" or actually "divide et impera" because the Romans already perfected the technique. Even here in Africa it has worked perfectly as a means of conquest of a vast continent by a small invading force with limited resources. They just started couvertly supporting one tribe against the other and finally offered themselves, respectively their "Great Queen from England", as a protector against the atrocities of the other tribe that they had couvertly funneled and supported. The sooner we stop to be triggered by these boring, repetetive albeit deadly shenaningans, the sooner we will emerge free from the parasitic force that has for so long impeded our development to freedom and happiness. Massive orgone gifting seems to limit their etheric manouvering space and so makes it more difficult to pull of the grand deception that is so essential to a successful mind control or psychological warfare operation. Remember their power is based on occult foundations. While they keep telling us that Science ended with Isaac Newton and the physical reality of 19th century physics is all there is, they do know better and all of them are involved in dirty magic including human ritual sacrifice, blood drinking etc. Never forget that. It's the basis of their power and that's why we call it an etheric war. Of course we shall win that war. Georg PS: A well reserached account of the manipulations behind the Mumbai attacks is on

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