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Global Warming or Climate Change?

By Shopify API  •   6 minute read

Mar 20, 2010

Global Warming Yadda-Yadda, undisturbed by facts

Why are we so insistent on poking into this Global Warming story? Do we have no heart for our beloved planet? Are we after all secretly in bed with the Oil Industry? You bet I'm counting my dirty petro dollars in some dimly lit back office right now! The story of "Global Warming" is a key element in the present elite's scare tactics to achieve global government under their control.

It is presented as a heartwrenching scenario where no well meaning individual could possibly resist the call to defend "Gaia" against our own irresponsible destructive belching out of cabon dioxide gases.

"You're either with us or against us" is the battle cry first launched in this present round by George Bush Sr. during Gulf War I and repeated by the whole chorus of Rockefeller and Rothschild sponsored eco fascists.

By now you probably know that all the publicly regurgitated agendae are wrong. I repeat the most prominent ones.

  1. There is no global warming. Alleged symptoms of Climate Change such as the recent Tsunamis and Earthquakes are mostly the result of environmental warfare.
  2. There is no energy problem. Free energy has been scientifically researched and various valid concepts to tap into the endless "sea of energy" exist, ready to be rolled out en masse. The Cold fusion experiments by Pons and Fleischmann were validated by over 300 university labs worldwide (and then buried). This is just an example.
  3. There is no "peak oil" either. The earth generates oil constantly as a "mineral resource" while growing at the same time as she accumulates and condenses cosmic orgone energy. The Russians know that and therefore drill successfully at places where the fossil oil theory could not possibly predict oil reserves.
  4. There is no overpopulation. After the release of presently withheld free energy technology, 10x our present population could peacefully inhabit this planet if we chose to do so. We don't have to, but we could. The food needs of the present world population could be met by growing nutricious organic food in permaculture and intensive organic farming on an area half the US State of Texas.
  5. AIDS is a hoax. AIDS is the result of a cocktail of malnutrition and biochemical warfare (vaccination campaigns) with the aim of population reduction, mostly aimed at so called unwanted (by the elite) population groups. Who is not killed by the "disease" is then finished off by the ridiculously toxic drugs. Nobody has ever been healed by any of these drugs by the way.
  6. There are no real terrorists other than your government and mine. Nobody can commit an act of terror on any significant scale without BEING PART OF ONE OF THE MAJOR SECRET SERVICE NETWORKS.
  7. There is no economical crisis, only a crisis of the fraudulent fake money system operated by the same elite for profit, but more so for control. The real elite is not "after the money" because they control the fraudulent manufacture of that hypnotic commodity anyways. Humans, if left to their own crative devices are naturally prosperous and produce abundance.
  8. There are no genuine wars other than those wanted to happen by the elite. It is obvious to an even casual observer that it is completely impossible to fund, arm and mobilise rebel armies or invasion forces without the involvement of the money powers and secret services of all the major governments. You and I cannot even transfer more than 9,999.99 US dollar internationally without attracting extreme attention. Wars, even dirty bush wars, cost hundreds of millions or billions to start.
  9. We only have a drug problem because our government wants it. All the multi billion drug trade worldwide happens because the deep secret government wants to weaken us. All the arguments above aply again: You and I cannot move 10K without getting busted for exercising our inalienable rights of economic freedom. Drug Lords in happy cooperation with your and my government move tons of Heroin, Cocaine and billions of dollars. The Mob and the Gummint are one.
  10. OK, let's make it 10, like the 10 commandments... All this is not necessary. On a deeper level of understanding these freaks who've run the globe for the last few millennia are acting out of fear. They do not trust the self organising power of life. They are afraid of the multitudes. (read the bible story of the flood and how the annunaki gods (The Elohim in the Bible) really had enough of all the noise and hubbub we were making. So they pushed the big flusher... We survived that one as a species and we will survive the next one too. So let's cut the crap and stop the nonsense, right?

How nice it is then to find some cracks in the phalanx of orchestrated opinion. Could this be the orgonite kicking in?

Orgonite works like a "truth drug" world wide.

The higher the ambient vibration goes, the more difficult it becomes for the dark master magicians to keep up the veils of deception. Enjoy with me some random clippings from local South African Newspapers:

doubt cast over global warming story

Normal people" are waking up to the anomalies in the global warming story

This guy could be genuine. Some well informed "lay persons" actually look through the bogus science of "Global Warming" and can present good arguments.

Is this global Warming or climate change?
"Global Warming" or "Climate Change": The Spin continues!

Of course it is obvious that this was the coldest summer we had in decades here in South Africa. So what does the SPIN MACHINE do? It starts talking of "climate change" instead of "Global Warming".

That's the fallback position. The next fall back is "Global Dimming", presently launched as a "maverick theory".

There's always a next fall back, but the SPIN CONTINUES undisturbed by facts or common sense. It's Magic!

We do not need facts any more. Hypnosis is completely sufficient. Was it always like that? Probably...

It's just for us who are waking up that this seems so incredible.

Raining, raining, raining: Is this global warming?
Johannesburg drenched in diluvial rains: You call that Global Warming?

Full dam levels all over the country. Water management is a central issue in a semi arid region like Southern Africa.

Illuminists are touting "wars over water" as the next wave of bitter and deadly armed conflict. This means that's what they are preparing. Read their foremost think tankers like Samuel P. Huntington and Robert Kagan if you want to know what they're up to.

It looks like they had not much luck with that in Southern Africa. But we do understand why they use police and secret services in order to prevent us from re-watering much of the rest of Africa. We could turn all arid regions and deserts into lush paradisiacal garden landscapes.

Strife and misery in Africa is really CLOSE TO THEIR HEART. (if you want to call that a heart)

Do we need more rather than less co2? Common sense says yes!
We need more co2!

This one I really love. It's like the child in "The emperor's new clothes" that says what everybody sees but nobody dares to say: "But the emperor has no clothes on!"I never understood how this was supposed to work. How can an invisible finely diluted gas like CO2 form a window-pane-like shield that allegedly entraps heat. Remember the predecessor of "Global Warming", the "Ozone Hole"? They have somehow forgotten about that one, haven't they? And it should have us killed by now. After all, this dude says what we all know: Plants love CO2 and need it for their photo-synthesis.

More CO2 = Greener Planet!

A greener panet would stimulate convection cooling by the way. Plants evaporate water! The result: Global cooling

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