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Peak Oil Scam – Expanding Earth – Orgone swirls

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

What is the connection between "peak oil" the "growing earth theory" and "orgone energy"?

Peak Oil is not happening (just like Global Warming)

"Peak Oil" is an essential part of the present illuminati narrative, designed to introduce more fear and thus control. But is it based on any scientific evidence? Just like its twin brother "Global Warming", it is apparently based on very little real evidence. That hollow feeling starts with the theory we westerners have been fed from childhood on: Oil is of organic origin, formed by decomposing plant matter and dead dinosaurs, right or wrong?


Why is it called mineral oil, stupid? Because it is of mineral origin, that’s why. The Russians under fellow illuminatus and mass murderer “Uncle” Joe Stalin were so impressed by the ferocity of World War II and theoverwhelming strategic role that access to abundant sources of fuel for motorised warfare had played in this abhorrent slaughter, that they mobilised a large part of the intellectual and scientific resources of the then Soviet Union to be focussed on one goal for decades: to develop scientific theories that would allow a better understanding of where and why to expect exploitable oil reserves.

And this they did very successfully!

The Russian theory did not involve sunken forests and dead dinosours but as yet unknown processes of the inner Earth – below the crust – that produce these carbon fuels under great pressure, from where they constantly ooze upwards through fissures and cracks in a seemingly endless process. Also western oil companies have reported oilfields that seem to replenish themselves. A lot of this is apparently happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Could this have something to do with the recent explosion of the BP-oil rig there?

As surprising as this theory may sound to you, who – like me – have grown up with the dead dinosaur fairy tale, it is based on a lot more research and evidence than the fossil fuel story. In fact the fossil fuel story is just that: An unconfirmed story from the mid 19th century, never really proven or validated.

The Russian theory on the contrary is not only based on massive and well funded geological research, it tis also very, very successful! The recent renaissance of Russia after the seeming collapse of the Soviet Union is based on an unprecedented oil and gas boom. This boom in turn is based on the Russian (or better Russian-Ukrainian) theory about the a-biotic genesis of mineral oil.

There are some great articles on that theme on Educate Yourself, maybe you want to start here.

Be that as it may, (it’s only another theory, albeit a much more successful one than the officially held one) it says very little about WHAT KIND OF PROCESSES there might be that lead to this endless production of mineral oil.

This is where I want to connect to another dot, the

Expanding Earth Theory

Expanding Earth proponents believe that the Earth has been constantly growing over the billions of years of its history, whereby the crust was once more or less uninterupted, no oceans, only some very shallow seas.

Obviously the continents fit almost seamlessly together on a much smaller earth. So, whatever the merits of the other arguments may be, it's just visually obvious, or not?

"But why would the earth grow?" is the assumed killer argument flung at growing Earth proponents (of whom there are more than you might think, just do a Google search for "Expanding Earth") by the always vigilant guardians of orthodoxy.

There are two people I know of, who have an answer and it's the same answer although it sounds very different in their writing.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich

In his visionary book "Ether God and Devil - Cosmic Superimposition", Wilhelm Reich takes his orgone theory out into the cosmos. His theses in short:

  • Everything moves in spirals, that is moving vortices
  • Matter is dense energy
  • Orgone energy attracts more orgone energy
  • Every planetary body is condensed orgone energy attracting more of the same and thereby growing.
  • The same for Solar systems, Galaxies and so on.
  • Gravity is the pressure / movement of orgone energy towards the core of the spiral or moving vortex.

Prof. Konstantin Meyl

Known for his scientific reconstruction of some of the lost work of Nicola Tesla, Professor Meyl speaks of a stream of neutrinos (a hypothetical uncharged massless particle) and cites scientific studies that show earth is indeed growing by approximately 2 cm per year.

As he further elaborates, his neutrino stream starts to look increasingly like Reich's flow of orgone, only that the lingo is more palatable to those used to the late 20th century jargon of particle physics.

The pranic orgone universe

Orgone energy gets converted into matter all the time. How else could we have an expanding universe? This may of course just be a momentary phase of our universe. The vedic scriptures see the universe rather as a breathing (pranic) entity. Expanding and contracting. I like that idea much better than the very forced model of a "big bang" where nobody has ever told the hypnotized audience where the energy came from that unfolded this marvelous universe out of pin head sized ultra-compaction.

Instead we get blinded and intimidated by scientific looking mathematical formulae.

I rather like the emerging picture of this universe as god (consciousness) tremendously enjoying to playfully watch his own thoughts as they unfurl into ever more differentiated arabesques without ever losing coherence and unity.

Whatever folks, that's what we've been trying to find out since we as humankind can think, so this is my lettle 5 cents worth...

Let's just say, science is an unfinished project, ok? But "Peak Oil" is certainly bollocks!

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