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The Big Hole: Filling a Gap in Kimberley


22 + 23 January 2005

The Northern Cape, of which Kimberley is the Capital, contains some of the driest stretches of South Africa. In the North it's the Kalahari dry Savannah or Semi desert, in the South the Karoo, another semi desert. On our way back from Namibia we were able to lay at least a thin trail of orgonite in east-westerly direction from the Atlantic near Springbok/Alexander Bay to Vryburg, where we finally ran out of ammunition. So this whole area including the capital Kimberley had to be earmarked for re-visit.


map showing the orgonite gifting situation befor the trip

Status quo before the Kimberley expedition. The gap is obvious and intolerable. (blue dots are orgonite gifts, flags are CBs) We left Johannesburg early on Saturday (4am) as we had little time and much work to do.

Throwing a piece of orgonite

Tossing it out in the morning

Potchefstroom was one of the stations on the way to Kimberley

red and white HAARP tower

An ugly tower in Potch...

Huge HAARP tower

More gruesome stuff on the road (date stamp is wrong)

HAARPy clouds in sky

Some rural HAARP array before busting...

HAAPy clouds desolved by orgonite

...and after

Somewhat run down masonic lodge in Klerksdorp. They often look like that, stale and negative! GOTCHA! This one is busted..

High Tower outside Klerksdorp

"The drought was so bad, we saw lush green and water puddles everywhere..."

Despite above average rainfalls in most parts of the country the drought related propaganda continues up to date. We were therefore travelling with a very open eye for any signs of drought. But the opposite was the case all the way to Kimberley we found the grass unusually green and saw water puddles everywhere. Kimberley, being part of the Kalahari dry savannah zone surprised with its fresh greenery and lushness, not only in town where this might be attributed to watered lawns, but also in the wider surroundings. I think the friendly agencies that planned and engineered the drought scenario for Southern Africa just have a problem to realise that their plans did not pan out as expected.Only very small patches of drought have remained to be sorted out in the next 12 months. One of them been the west coast of the Western Cape where we will hopefully create some change over Easter. Still there is talk of low filling levels in dams despite the good rains, but hey, there's a masonic coven in ebvery town and what prevents them to ask their buddies at the water works to let some water run off at night to keep up at least a resemblance of the feeling of fear and scarcity that these shadowy figure so thrive on?

another one busted

Vortex forming towards the evening: the sky is coming alive

Busters reward: cumulus everywhere!

Busting the Big Hole in Kimberley has been a long held plan for me, since the occult power as well as the sheer financial wealth of the Oppenheimer family as well as the history pof Cecil John Rhodes, the other big Illumination operator in Southern Africa, is so closely linked with it. And did you know that this famous hole used to be a mountain before the combined greed of hundreds if not thousands of adventurous diamond diggers sank it straight down a few hundred metres? (Then to be bought out by the Oppenheimers when they ran out of steam and capital to go deeper) In fact a holy mountain it was and certainly a natural energy point.

The Big Hole of Kimberley

Historic headgear

Sarel hitting the hole wide and far

Lorraine and Liz with their new CB

Luckily we met Lorraine at the gem shop, who turned out to be not only a very friendly and gentle person but also quite energy sensitive. Quite logical that she became the host of our Cloud Buster destined for Kimberley. Her friend Liz, visiting from London is a physiotherapist and natural healer with even more developed energy sensitivity. It was great to connect with the two of them who appreciated the gift to the city and environment very much. Lorraine also pointed out the location of the local masonic lodge to me.

Big microwave tower


Sky in transformation

The muck dissolves

Parliament of the Northern Cape

A stimulating and fresh architecture - but something was being radiated from underground

Sky in transformation over Parliament buildings after the treatment

High Tower outside Kimberley

And look how nice the sky looks now!

Back in town: healing vortices everywhere

vortices, vortices

The mason's den in Kimberley got well covered.

Jan Kempsdorp: culling the rural poor?

On our way back we took a different route. In Jan Kempsdorp we were alerted by the sight of an unusual number of fresh graves outside the small town (rather village).We found a grieving father, who had just buried his young daughter (I think 23 years old) He told us that young people die in the coloured and black location every day and there are 3-4 burials every weekend. The obvious contention is that this is "AIDS" or whatever the real genocidal cause of this massive dying of the rural poor may be. (See report :"What we know about AIDS so far" under "Essays") We gave him some TBs to distribute in his neighbourhood and gifted the local water works and laid out some extra TBs along the road as we passed through the town.



Very saddening!

We also passed through Taung, the finding place of some of the oldest human fossils worldwide, notably the famous Taung child, but could not find the actual archaeological site. The place got peppered far and wide though including of course the ubiquitous death towers. Further stations on the way back: Schweizer Renecke, a town of particularly stale and bad energy got thoroughly gifted. When we finally got home it was 4 in the morning on Monday, and we had spent 2 x 17 hours "in the saddle" so to say. Quite a tiring job and I needed about the whole week thereafter to regenerate, including the already familiar "after gifting blues".Apart from the obvious cloud changes (see picture above) we got no immediate confirmation in the form of torrential downpours and the like, but it rained 2x in the week after we gifted Kimberley, so I was told by Lorraine.

That was the trip

Region after the trip

Next Stations: Western Cape and Zululand! (Stay tuned)



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