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A drought denied

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

Johannesburg, 9 December 2015

The secret HAARP machines all over the globe must be beaming on full blast. While Saudi Arabia drowns in unprecedented rain, Southern Africa has been suffering drought-like conditions at the beginning of the rainy season.

When hyped up weather prognosticators started drooling with phrases like "Experts expect no Rain until march 2016" we knew that this is another manufactured event. 

Try my favourite discernment exercise: In any text of the mainstream media, replace the words "prognosticated/expected/estimated/assumed" with the word "planned" and you get the true meaning of the text. 

As you probably know, "I take the weather personal".

When some life threatening condition develops in my backyard, (which is Southern Africa) I feel compelled to do something about it. 

That's why we have gifted practically the whole subcontinent already.

So what about this new drought now?

It amost feels like someone is trying to say: All in vain, your little successes are not to last...

So I had to do something!

HAARP in full swing: Saudi Arabia experiencing rain floods 
HAARPus maximus: Unusual floods in Saudi Arabia

Because the whole land mass up to Northern Zambia is already quite well covered in orgonite with a few blank spots here and there, it has to be some strategic intervention, not just wholesale gifting.

My friend Prophet of Mozambican expedition fame, who is intuitively well developed, suggested a specific spot in Mpumalanga where he felt a cloudbuster would make a big difference. I am never the one not to follow reasonable suggestions, so off we went:

open spaces in Mpumalanga

 Orgonite gifting is the best pretext for wonderful road trips

tall cellphone tower - needs orgonite

 This tower in prominent position definitely needed some orgonite

hammering orgonite earthpipes

And here it comes: Prophet hammering in orgonite earth needle

The village we went to and which Prophet had suggested as a place to plant a cloud buster is called Tswenyane. Prophet has been going there for some time, advising the villagers on agricultural projects. It is nestled in a fertile mountain valley with ample water sources. Water is running down the mountain slopes into the village from various springs, so essentially it's paradise.     

orgonite cloudbuster at village in Mpumalanga

George and George with Cloudbuster

George, one of Prophet's local friends agreed to host the CB on behalf of this village. I think he's the right man. Just look at his lush green garden!

modest paradise

George has created himself a little paradise


Waterfall near by - it is a speacial place

Hoedspruit airforce base - a secret hub for weather warfare operations?

The suspicion is not new that Hoedspruit AFB might be more than just a "normal" airforce base. (if such a thing exists)

Already in 1998, when vacationing in a near by game reserve I noticed the abnormal activity with large tanker airplanes landing and starting every 2 minutes for a long time. 

That was before I even knew about chemtrails. I only connected the dots much later.

Luckily we normally do not have intrude into the "off limits" areas in order to gift such a place. A few massive gifts of orgonite close by can have a fantastic effect.

We already left some gifts nearby in 2003 when we defeated another "prognosticated" drought by heavily gifting the perimetre of the Kruger Park.

But in the meantime the earth pipe has been developed (we did not have that then) and that's what we used here. Around the border of the base as much as accessible and set at an angle to point at whatever is below that base. (we can only speculate here)

And we were rewarded with the most amazing lighting display just over the base. It was silent and magnificent to watch. We often get that in a newly gifted area. It's a discharge of pent up atmospheric tension that almost looks like a battle in the sky. Unfortunately impossible to capture that on camera. (we tried)

I think we "got them good"...

Hoedspruit afb

Is this ENMOD central for the Transvaal and beyond? 

Always think Big!

All in all we put out some 200 TBs apart from some larger orgonites. I believe that a CB on it's own is very limited in it's impact. It needs to be supported by some massive carpet of TBs. 

Now I have to be honest: there was already some rain before our little expedition. That just goes to show that the drought project couldn't fly as planned (or "prognosticated") in our well gifted backyard Southern Africa.

In the target area however it was so little that the atmosphere was extremely damp hot and oppressive when we were there. However since then we had a lot more rain, also in that area. So, while the drought is not yet completely reversed, the trend is definitely broken. 

finally rain 

Rain at last!

that's what we did

The area covered

More work needs to be done, especially sea gifting. I believe once we get full coverage of the oceans, no more HAARP induced "El Niño" (El HAARPo) phenomena will be possible.   

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