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Orgonise your home

Please note that there is strictly no right or wrong with orgonite. You cannot do it wrong, wherever you put it, it will still have a beneficial effect on you and your energetic environment. Energy sensitive is much more capable than us "normal people" to determine the absolute optimum placement.In other words, the guide below is just a suggestion for some basic coverage that will definitely work:

The essential guide to orgonite protection

Follow these simple instructions to obtain great results:(numbers in the picture refer to these steps) 

1.Tower Buster Dirty Harry - Place a Dirty Harry in each corner of your property as well as at each corner of your house.


2.Place two TBs Dirty Harry’s at the main water inlet, leading off from the municipal mains.(dig them in with the pipe, in between) 


3.Use at least 1 TB Dirty Harry to gift all cell phone towers in a 3 - 5km radius. 


4.Establish whether you have Geopathic stress lines present on your property. Should there be any such lines present, place 3 Earth Pipes in an even triangle, into the incoming stress line. Hammer the Earth Pipe’s to ground level. The line will be Orgonised back in itself. It is in effect acupuncture for the earth. 


5.Place a Cloud Buster in your garden which will have an impact on a larger area. Burry the base halfway to prevent it from falling over. Use it to create a focal point in your garden! 


6.The Orgone Howitzer should be placed outdoors in the open and preferably not under a roof or any covering, yet close to a power outlet to power it. 


7.Place extra TB’s or other small Orgone generators around your veggie garden. These will enhance the growth and health of your plants. 


8.If you have beehives in your area, place 3 Beehive Boosters (one set) evenly around a beehive.


9.Treat water bodies with TB’s or even better, Dolphin Busters! Just drop them into the water. 


10.Should you find a suppressed energy vortex, hammer one Earth Pipe in or place 6 TB’s in a small circle of 600mm around it. 


11.Use Tower Buster Slick Jim’s, HHG’s, Pyramids etc. On the inside of your home or wherever you feel it might be necessary.


Of course you can start just with a few towerbusters around the house and do more as your budget allows. The bundle solutions allow you to cover all this at an even more economical price. 

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