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History of Orgonite

Orgonite and Orgone Energy: Where did it all begin?

Many people are lately talking about "orgonite", orgone, orgone energy, orgone generator, orgone accumulator, and cloudbusters.

But what does all this mean?

Indiscriminate use of these terms is confusing their meaning, especially since the worldwide orgonite network is ever-growing. Orgone is the name Dr Wilhelm Reich (who spent the latter part of his life researching this phenomenon) gave to the all-pervading Universal Life Energy.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich - pioneer of orgone energy research

Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Orgone Energy - from Wilhelm Reich to Don Croft

Wilhelm Reich, who started in Austria and Germany as a medical doctor and psychiatrist closely associated with Sigmund Freud, has contributed significantly to understanding the link between human sexuality and psychology.

He never ceased to open up new frontiers of knowledge and understanding during his life. You can find an in-depth biography of this eminent scientist here.

Reich was not the first or last to observe the working of what he kept as a "living energy" or "anti-entropic force". Before the victory of the mechanistic worldview a few hundred years ago (see Newton), the concept of a "sea of energy" which we universally knew all material forms manifest.

This concept can easily be shown in the Hindu (prana), Buddhist and Taoist (Chi, Ki as in Rei-Ki) traditions of the Far East but continues down to the Greeks (ether) and Romans etc. The same concept is intuitively or explicitly known to all traditional healers of shamanic traditions worldwide.

In Post-Newtonian Europe, the now-forgotten personalities such as the Bohemian steel magnate Baron Karl v. Reichenbach or the famous Austrian Anton Mesmer (that's why we still speak of a "mesmerising personality") or Viktor Schauberger contributed valuable research and experiences.

Recently, we have seen a re-emergence of life energy-based healing techniques such as Reiki (Rei-Ki = Holy Life Energy). We're also seeing a convergence of the findings of the most advanced quantum physics with this old "mystical worldview". In its drive to dissect matter further to arrive at the elementary particle, Quantum physics has finally reached a point where it must question its paradigm.

Quantum physicists now question the stability of matter itself. They seem to arrive at a concept where elementary particles are seen as mere perturbations "on the surface of an endless sea of energy," which some scientists have agreed to call "Zero-point energy" or "Torsion Fields" (Kozyrev et al.).

Don't you hear a few wise Yogis laugh through the millennia over so much foolishness and the late dawning of truth?

They knew it all along!

I believe the emerging new paradigm is a fusion of mystic knowledge and quantum physics. Do not expect to read that in the school and university textbooks yet. Still, you can smell it in the air.

To sum it up, we are discussing a new worldview that will enable us to integrate the paranormal with the increasingly obsolete models of mid-20th century physics and resolve the contradictions between Einstein's relativity theory and quantum physics.

Deadly Orgone Energy and Positive Orgone Energy

DOR and POR - Entropy and Disentropy

Entropy is the principle of reducing complexity, thereby liberating the stored energy.

This occurs when we burn fossil fuels, split the atom, or any technological process humanity has recently come up with. Entropy is the idea of destroying something to utilise it or a minimal aspect of it.

We can find that the scientific paradigm of mainstream 20th-century thinking understands only processes based on entropy. The ultimate idea of entropy is death.


Because in an entropic universe, sometime in the future, all differences in energy levels will deplete. There will be no more movement.

The concept of orgone postulates a principle opposed to entropy, a creative organising force, and you can equate this force with life.

Strangely, although our well-equipped and funded corporate and state scientists can describe many intricate processes in living organisms, the miracle of life itself must and does remain an enigma to them.

We find the idea of two opposing tendencies in the universe in the old eastern teachings of Yin and Yang and Sigmund Freud's Eros and Thanatos. Learning to harness the creative power of orgone will lead to an understanding of "free energy", a concept ridiculed by entropic science because it contradicts the "2nd Law of Thermodynamics".

Is Orgone Always Good?

The way Reich saw it, orgone is omnipresent and the basis of all life processes. You could say: "Everything is made out of Orgone"

He observed the same principle in forming galaxies on a cellular or macro-biological level. His earlier research into psychological disorders had shown him that when traumatic memories block this energy, manifesting in constant muscular tension (he called that armouring), this energy becomes Deadly Orgone or DOR.

As the environmentally threatened world we have created over the last few hundred years is only a mirror of our upset and unbalanced collective psyche, the same principle applies environmentally. One could say the growing deserts on this planet express the "deserts in our heart".

Deadly orgone energy, the secret behind desert forming

Deserts of the heart – deserts of the planet Wilhelm Reich, who also deserves credit for inventing the first cloud-buster, demonstrated the working of DOR in forming deserts and developed a method to disperse DOR concentrations by grounding them into sufficiently large water bodies.

Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster

Classical Reich Cloud Buster built by J Trettin in Germany.

Whenever the atmosphere feels stale or oppressive, and you observe a particular blackness in cloud formation, you might be experiencing a high and unhealthy DOR concentration.

Reich successfully experimented with orgone accumulators to cure cancer patients, as he observed cancer as a biopathy resulting from the blocked life energy in a highly DOR-infested body.

He observed that the layered combination of organic and metallic material stimulated orgone accumulation. Reich used a chipboard and sheet metal to build large boxes into which the patient would go.

Orgone accumulator after Wilhelm Reich's design

W. Reich style orgone accumulator (Orac) Built by J Trettin in Germany.

While the results were quite staggering, Reich's devices had one decisive shortfall: They accumulated both DOR and OR - whichever was present in the environment. The energy accumulation was acceptable in the remote part of the US, where Reich had his Orgone Institute in the 40s and 50s. However, in a more DOR polluted environment like today, this can be outright dangerous, and everyone had to handle Reich's contraptions with care.

The Invention of Orgonite

Karl Welz

The name orgonite was first used by Karl Welz, who discovered this powerful compound material in the 1980s and used it to build orgone generators mostly for radionics machines. Orgonite is a matrix of metal particles suspended in resin. Normally the mix should be 50/50 by volume.

Other than the layered structure of organic and metallic substances in Reich’s original ORACS, which concentrate Orgone inside a box, this matrix has a generally vitalising effect in all directions.

Our explanation is that it works like multiple ORACS in all directions, thereby converting stagnant (DOR) Energy back into spiralling positive energy flow.

This is the secret of the user-friendliness of all devices built with orgonite. They cannot concentrate DOR! This is often hard to understand for people who have spent considerable time researching the classical devices invented by Dr. Reich. So that some of the more orthodox “orgonomists” (every great thinker unwittingly creates his orthodoxy after a while) have issued misguided warnings against the deployment of orgonite devices thereby completely misrepresenting what orgonite devices achieve and how they work.

Don Croft

Don Croft's fundamental contribution was to combine Karl Welz's invention with Wilhelm Reich's classical Cloudbuster

By combining an array of 6 Copper pipes with a base made of orgonite, he created a powerful environmental healing device, drawing in the stagnant DOR from a wide area of the sky and converting it into Orgone. (POR)

One of our early Don Croft Style Orgonite Cloudbusters

One of our early orgonite CBs approx 2003

The addition of quartz crystals allowed the energy thus created to be projected in a much wider field. The decisive innovation was that these devices made positive, life-affirming ORGONE even in the presence of strong sources of DOR output.

Don Croft and Georg Ritschl in Uganda

Don Croft (left) and Georg Ritschl in Uganda 2004

Other orgone generators such as the Orgonite Cone (HHG), Pyramids, Towerbusters and Orgonite pendants followed.

The world wide Orgonite Movement

Don Croft started publishing his experiences with his orgonite CB around the year 2000. This led to a growing community of co-experimentors, loosely linked through various forums. Don was a great inspiration to all of us. He sadly passed away in 2018.

The Orgonite movement has become a lively and fast-growing community as we can experience the positive effects hands-on. Only a few westernised people can see "subtle energies", but everybody can see chemtrails disappear, dry regions experience gentle rainfall patterns and plants in their neighbourhood get a new freshness.

This loose network is based on practical observation and lively discussion between its informally linked members.

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