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Five amazing health breakthroughs

By Shopify API  •   15 minute read


The Grand Illusion

We suffer from a grand illusion, believing that in the field of commerce the market can rule red in tooth and claw but in the saving of lives and promotion of health, humanitarian motives should trump the urge to profit. An astounding body of evidence speaks to the contrary, turning the loving, traditional beliefs about the motives of those who heal us upside down. For to be frank, this has been a century of some truly extraordinary medical breakthroughs, but these breakthroughs have neither been promoted, shared, nor implemented to save the lives they could have saved. Instead these breakthroughs have been quite vociferously hidden or suppressed, and the lives and careers of the innovators, despite initially being met with honours and delight, have been systematically wrecked.


The United States appears to be the epicentre of these ground breaking researches, some of which are embraced and brought to market, others of which are destroyed. The concept that controls should be in place for the "protection of the public" from the authority bestowed upon those in the medical industry, has been promoted by various industry bodies such as the Food and Drug Association (FDA), American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Dental Association (ADA). These bodies have supported the expensive testing and certification practices of medicines, the raison d'etre of these not being to defend you and me, but rather to defend the vested interests of large, lumbering, profitable pharmaceutical and medical industries, most specifically against competition from cheaper and more effective alternatives. Since the 1930's, extremely worrying evidence has been available to show that the bottom line of health is profit, same as any business, let alone a global industry wielding massive influence and resources. Billions are spent every year on treating the big three alone - Cancer, AIDS and heart disease - woe betide anyone daring to threaten these profits.


The end to all diseases dinner


Royal Rife and the End to All Diseases

On November 20, 1931, forty-four of the nation's most respected medical authorities attended a dinner celebrating "The End To All Diseases". The End to All Diseases. It was quite a statement to make, and hence it was a gala dinner, held in honor of Dr. Royal Rife. He was a dedicated scientist who had discovered that radio frequency, at a specific oscillation, could be used to effortlessly and painlessly to kill every different kind of pathogen in a human body. This included viruses, bacteria, parasites as well as cancer pathogens. The radionics machine built to deliver the frequencies to the body meant treatment was effortless, affordable, not in any way harmful and the full treatement could be completed in a few short weeks.


Yet Rife was to learn that his accomplishments, including a 100% success with cancer patients in one trial, was a direct threat to the entrenched medical industry. Even at a fraction of the size it is today, the industry in the 1930's had ample resources to ensure this affordable and total cure to many prevalent illnesses never made it to the public. Before long, Rife was ostracised by many of his colleagues and contemporaries who had, despite celebrating with him at his gala dinner, mysteriously forgotten his name. They had forgotten his name for good reasons...Dr. Nemes, who had duplicated some of the work of Rife, was killed in a mysterious fire which destroyed all his research papers. Rife's records, photographs and components were stolen from his lab, an arson fire destroyed the multi-million dollar Burnett Lab in New Jersey just before the public announcement was to be made confirming Rife's work, and finally, police offering no good reason confiscated the remainder of Rife's 50 years of research. Then in 1939, agents assisted Philip Hoyland in waging a frivolous lawsuit against his own partners in the Beam Ray Corporation. This was the only company manufacturing Rife's frequency instruments (Rife was not a partner). Hoyland lost, but his assisted legal assault had the desired effect: the company was bankrupted by legal expenses during the Great Depression.


In essence, commercial production of Rife's frequency instruments ceased completely. Any doctors who tried to defend Rife lost foundation grants and hospital privileges. Rife fought the illegalities of the police actions, the ridiculous accusations, the damning constraints, but the controlling parties within the medical industry outweighed his influence and resources, and ultimately history was written by the victor. Royal Rife himself died in 1971 at age 83 from a lethal dose of Valium and alcohol at Grossmont Hospital.


Royal Rife



Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich and the Power of Sexual Energy to Heal

Soon after Rife had finally given up on ever bringing his inventions to the public, another brilliant scientist was meeting similar opposition in his explorations of unconventional means of curing cancer. Ironically, Wilhelm Reich emigrated from Europe in order to escape the totalitarian ideals of communism and fascism, innocently believingAmerica to be a haven for his work and ideas.


Reich rediscovered scientifically that fundamental energy known by eastern mystics as Chi or Prana. Its existence has been acknowledged for thousands of years (also called Ether in the West and Baraka in the middle east), yet no one before had observed its arising and interaction with the human body according to the scientific method. Reich first began to trace the effects of this energy, which he later dubbed orgone, while the holding the prestigious post of first clinical assistant to Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic Polyclinic. There Reich noticed that there was an exact correlation between those cases where psychological cures were achieved and orgasmic potential; which is the ability to achieve complete and fulfilling sexual release. In all the instances where psychoanlaysis could not cure people, there was inevitably a block in their full sexual functioning.


From these results, Reich set out to explore the physical and health implications of this healing libido energy. The first indications he had of the physical component was noticing that a charge develops and grows throughout the stages of the sexual act, reaching maximum physical charge at orgasm. Searching for the origins of this energetic charge Reich began examining the breakdown of food - our energetic fuel - under high magnification. He found that food broke down into tiny luminous globules which moved about freely and could be cultured. When germs or cancer cells were brought near them, the germs and cells were paralyzed and killed. These globules seemed to be an intermediate stage between the living and the non-living, and Reich called them "bions". Reich studied bions all one winter (1939) in his basement laboratory and to his amazement, noticed that he began to tan and that his eyes burned. He realised that bions were releasing radiation and this was the tangible manifestation of orgone he had been searching foWhen in America Reich continued his experiments. He discovered that you could accumulate Orgone in a box made of layered organic and inorganic material. The accumulated orgone had a number of amazing effects, curing 'incurable' diseases, cancer being one of them. Soon after publishing these findings and beginning to practise, attacks began. Reich proved to be an almost willing target, ignoring a series of articles sensationalising his investigations in the field of orgasm and sex, and after an injunction was placed against his work with the orgone accumulator, simply refusing to allow a court of law to pass judgement on scientific work. Without supplying any proof, the Food and Drug Administration succeeded in having a federal court brand the accumulator a fraud, with the added contention that orgone energy did not exist and the proscription that all literature that even mentioned orgone energy at all, should be burned. It had suddenly become illegal to dispense any information about the orgone energy accumulator. While this injunction altered no scientific facts, it made it impossible to operate in the field of orgonomy. Neither the court nor the Food and Drug Administration were really interested in learning about anything in favor of Reich's work, since no attempt was made to obtain facts from Reich or his co-workers, and a petition by fourteen physicians to present the case for orgonomy was refused by the court.


In May 1956, Reich was arrested for technical violation of the injunction when an associate moved some orgone-therapy equipment across a state line. Reich was charged with contempt of court. Brought before the court in chains, in Portland, Maine, he refused to arrange legal aid. Representing himself, he admitted to having violated the injunction and arranged for the judge to be sent copies of his books. He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Dr. Morton Herskowitz, a fellow psychiatrist and friend of Reich's, wrote of the trial: “Because he viewed himself as a historical figure, he was making a historical point, and to make that point he had conducted the trial that way. If I had been in his shoes, I would have wanted to escape jail, I would have wanted to be free, etc. I would have conducted the trial on a strictly legal basis because the lawyers had said, 'We can win this case for you. Their case is so weak, so when you let us do our thing we can get you off.' But he wouldn't do it.”. Reich died in his sleep of heart failure on November 3, 1957 in the federal penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, shortly before he was due to apply for parole. Not one psychiatric or established scientific journal carried an obituary.


To make absolutely sure that Orgonomy was truly dead, FDA officials traveled to Orgonon, Reich's 200-acre (80-hectare) estate near Rangeley, Maine, in June of 1956 where they destroyed the accumulators and also burned many of his books. In March 1960 the remaining six tons of his books, journals and papers were burned in the 25th Street public incinerator in New York.


Reich was not a fringe nutter. He was an accomplished scientist with a prodigious body of work. Toward the end of his life his orgone studies led him into the fields of free energy and anti-gravity where he allegedly created an orgone motor and solved some fundamental equations regarding gravity. Reich's work threatened more than the medical indutry, it threatened the world's commerce based on fossil fuels. The destruction of his notes (his final book called "Creation" was finished while in prison - the manuscript disappearing after his death) means it is not possible to know if he ever did accomplish these astonishing things. The best clue as to if Reich was on the right track might be found in the work of Paulo and Alexandra Correa husband and wife researchers who have replicated many of his experiments and followed in the tradition of Reich by looking to the integration of biology and physics.



Linus Pauling









Linus Pauling - "C" Stands for Cure

Even when the entrenched medical interests find it impossible to destroy someone's reputation the findings can still be suppressed. Such was the case with Linus Pauling and his research into the health benefits of vitamin C. Sometimes called "the Father of molecular biology" being a scientist, anti nuclear activist, author and educator. Pauling remains the only person ever to win two unshared Nobel prizes (chemistry and peace) and could never be fully discredited due to the heights he scaled in these fields. Nevetheless when he made his findings about the effects of megadoses of Vitamin C on colds, flu, heart disease and some cancers, studies duplicating his findings were sabotaged and funding for further studies was vetoed.


Pauling had discovered something with far ranging implications. Due to our modern lifestyles and diets, we do not suffer from the host of 'modern diseases' as we are led to believe, but rather we suffer from long standing, low grade scurvy. Industrialised agriculture has led to food with lowered nutrition levels. "You would have to eat eight oranges today to get the same amount of vitamin A your grandparents got from a single orange. And you would need to eat five to get the same level of iron." says DR. Tim Lang, a professor at the Centre for Food Policy in London, The analysis1 examined food tables that were prepared by government researchers in 1951, 1972 and 1999, comparing the nutrients available from 100 grams samples. In the USA, UK and Canada the results were almost identical. The U.K. research was published in the British Food Journal, a peer-reviewed, scientific publication and according to the reports data on nutritional comparisons:


* 80% of foods tested showed a substantial drop in Calcium and Iron

* 75% had a large drop in Vitamin A

* 50% lost considerable Vitamin C and Riboflavin

* 33% lost thiamine and 12% lost niacin Despite his 2 nobel prizes, supportive research and the incredible regard in which he was held in the field of chemistry, Pauling was still labelled a quack and his findings ridiculed. There was no way that industry around heart disease, for example, was going to be so simply and easily negated.


Hal Huggins and Mercury Toxicity

Although AIDS, Cancer and Heart Disease are the most common diseases throughout the world, chronic conditions such as diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and the like are labelled incurable and require expensive treatment for the duration of one's life. Yet, a courageous American dentist, Hal Huggins, discovered that a whole raft of these modern illnesses are often caused by the chronic lowering of the immune system through heavy metal poisoning. The most prevalent source is still from mercury in "silver" fillings still widely used in deintistry today. In South Africa, these amalgams are declared safe to be put into our mouths, yet it is law that these dental amalgams have to be disposed of in a HAZMAT box by specialist waste disposal companies

.Mad hatter


Hal Huggins, as with his predecessors in this tragic history lesson, was an extremely skilled young dentist with a flourishing career, but then one of his mentors put him on the trail of studying the effects of mercury amalgams on human biochemistry, specifically with regards to its effects on the immune system. Within a year of beginning to lecture on how mercury escapes from dental fillings, in 1974 the Colorado Attorney General had begun a "file" on Huggins which eventually filled 24 "bankers boxes". In 1984, Huggins wrote his first comprehensive book on mercury toxicity, called "It's All in Your Head". The day after publication the Colorado Attorney General announced that Huggins was "under investigation". The Colorado Dental Association picked up on this and reiterated the rumour. Repeated calls and letters from Huggins' attorney to the AG's office requesting what the investigation was about resulted in the succinct answer that it was "too early to tell".


Two years and much humiliation later, the AG announced that its investigation had been in regard to Huggin's book where he had used patient initials instead of names in describing patient experiences after Amalgam removal. Even though Huggins' "theories" that mercury was toxic were "thought" to be not true by the ADA scientists, all dental amalgam manufacturers nonetheless put up their product liability insurance by 1000% across the board the following month.


Then as a result of observing improvements in one of the Coors family members following complete dental revision, the Adolph Coors Foundation altered its policies of grant applications and allowed Huggins to apply for a grant to study a group of people who had amalgam fillings. Psychological changes in patients were most notable, but chemistry changes were outstanding despite not using the whole program, with high cholesterol having a strong link to the dental mercury fillings. Responding to the threats created by this further study, the ADA set up a suit against Huggins that paralleled one supposedly initiated by a woman who had fillings and root canals removed because of Huggins' book, "It's All in Your Head". The challenge was that Huggins was fraudulent when suggesting that mercury from fillings was harmful. The court awarded her over $160,000 and it had to be in cash, not property. Huggins managed to borrow the money from friends. In the appellate court, Huggins was found not guilty by a 3 to 0 vote of three appellate judges. They said it was the most frivolous and stupid case to hit their bench, and should never have been brought to trial in the first place. Even though there was national attention brought to Huggins when the case was filed against him – including Paul Harvey, the Denver Post, Time Magazine and hundreds of others - there was no mention of the reversal, or that the client now had to repay Huggins for his attorney's fees.


Because of his crusade against amalgams, eventually Huggins was stripped of his license, practice, his wife, his money, his retirement program and his reputation. But still people called asking for his help, and luckily enough people took it up to make it be available today, if you find the right dentist. When his dental revision is faithfully followed, and supported by safe chelation, many amazing reversals of chronic autoimmune conditions occur.

 Tina van der Maas - The Natural AIDS Cure

Currently in South Africa, a similar prtoagonist for affordable, sensible, non toxic health cures appears to be perpetuating the historical tragedy of the politics and economy of health. Tina, like the humanitarians before her, could not conceive that the medical fraternity, or even the world at large, would not excitedly embrace and propogate her cures. Tina has had resounding success in curing AIDS through a combination of lemon, garlic, olive oil and fresh vegetables. In her video, over 100 cases of AIDS symptoms being reversed, and at least a score of cases where a patient's HIV status has gone from positive to negative, are all carefully documented (Watch it on YouTube or buy it on DVD).Tina Cartoon


When I tell people about Tina's cures the automatic response is "Well if that works why isn't everyone using it?". Its a question which typically displays traditional naivete about the history, politics and business of medicine. For example, Tina, just as those before her, has not lacked support in her quest to publicise the cures. The South African Minister of Health, Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has represented Tina in parliament and on television, yet from the first endorsement scorn and opprobrium began to rain down upon Tina and Manto alike. Scathing commentaries and cartoons in the papers were followed by repeated burglaries of Tina's home and her funding being cut off. Absolutely no investigation followed the publicisation of the amazing results she had achieved. Manto's political position then became extremely precarious, and with the vociferous "Sack Manto" campaign being waged in South Africa's mainstream media, she has effectively been silenced. Several other politicians have been cured, or had family members cured by Tina, but after Manto's experience they no longer dare stick their heads above the parapet.


Even Thabo Mbeki, South Africa's president, has had to stand down on his opinions about AIDS and anti retrovirals in the face of such stringent political and financial support for conventional medicine. Anti retrovirals do not restore the glowing health and happiness that you see in Tina's patients after a few short months of her treatment, but rather there is ongoing physical strain due to the toxicity of the drug.


Hopefully Tina will not capitulate to the forces arrayed against her but find another way to get her treatment program out there, its unlikley it will happen through teh mainstream media but perhaps it will be conveyed through copies of her video and via word of mouth.


 A Tradition of Supression

The 5 examples documented here are only a small selection of cases to demonstrate a principle; the principle that an entrenched group of interconnected powerful interests has managed to supress each and every viable challenge to the ruling medical paradigm (slash poison and burn - operate, drug and nuke) over the last 100 years, no matter what evidence that challenge was able to present. It didn't help Dr. Wilhelm Reich that his Bion experiments were succesfully replicated by a well respected scientist of his time, professor Roger du Theil who was a member of the French Academy of Science, all the endorsements from prominent doctors did not help Royal Rife, his nobel prizes did not help Linus Pauling.


Its been a battle of propoganda and communications and until recently with the arrival of the Internet the odds have been firmly in favour of those with the ability to shape our beliefs through controlling the media and so contolling the message. It is time for a different message. Simon Tzu 20/02/2008

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