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Gifting orgonite as a political activity

By Georg Ritschl  •   3 minute read

by Dirk Verelst

Experience shows us this claim is often seen as irrational, grotesque, even to people who are acquainted with orgonite. Key to the understanding of this deliciously awkward and liberating concept is the notion that people are ‘embedded’ in an etheric matrix, an ocean of subtle energy that is all around, in and through them. We still prefer to call this etheric energy ‘orgone’, because Wilhelm Reich (who coined the term) has taught us so well in understanding the functioning human being with his irrational motives. The quality of the orgone has a direct effect on the human animal and his conduct, emotions and thought processes. This omnipresent orgone energy is the carrier of symbols, ideas that are merely the materialisation of a specific type of energy, if you like. We think happy thoughts when the sun is shining, and grow depressed when the cloudy overcast stays too long.
This morning I jotted down a chart that explains what we are doing and why, hope this sheds some light to the situation at hand...

When gifting we put orgonite around sources of Deadly ORgone (DOR) because they are causing people to behave and reason along irrational and imprisoning lines. A large part of our conduct and motivation is unconscious: we don’t know why we do the things we do. We want to do the right thing so badly, but very often we don’t, even despite the fact that we sometimes know what really IS the right way to act. But for the most part, after due consideration, we will have to admit that we DO NOT know what is the right way to act. Life isn’t a trip from A to Z using the shortest (most logical) way, and neither is social change. Doing ‘the wrong thing’ might turn out to be the right thing after all. Tapping into the wisdom of the etheric is not easy, and often we don’t because of fear or conditioning. On a population level, this makes for governments, rules, public and political opinions that are detrimental to our and almost everybody’s well-being, freedom and joy in the long run. At the end of the day, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, if we don’t take a step back to see the larger picture once in a while.
It is a big mistake to think we are mainly ‘combatting the illuminati’. True, we are opposed to their idea of a perfect prison world where every step you take is monitored and/or punished. But the largest part of the battle is fought on the ‘unconscious scene’, so to speak. Why do you think the powers that be are so obsessed with dark magic? Because their army of conscious wrongdo-ers is so small, they desperately need the sheeple to walk and act unconsciously in the desired direction, which can be obtained by manipulating the etheric wind that is blowing through their hearts. Wilhelm Reich called this irrational behaviour that maintains the vicious circle of the ills of the world ‘Emotional Plague’. “Man limps characterogically when the natural self-regulating life expressions are suppressed from birth.”
So we as gifters, instead of adhering to a political party or voicing pronounced opinions, just take a bag full of orgonite and do our part of the job in our part of the world. We turn people from unconsciously dependent, malevolent, distrusting, fearfiul (see chart for a longer but not even an exhaustive list) into unconsciously compassionate, freethinking, trusting, responsible and independent beings! We lean back and let the Big Intelligence sort it out all by itself! We are feeding the Good Side (the Jedi if you like) in everybody, and starving and transforming the Shadow Side in everybody. This is done by remobilizing the stagnant, dead(ening) orgone and reverberating the harsh and aggressive subtle energy in and around us. Turning ‘DeadlyORgone into PositiveORgone’ with one small flick of the wrist (Orgonite towerbuster flies through air...).


Dirk Verelst is a friend and fellow orgone gifter of many years. The essay reproduced below first appeared on the Etheric Warriors Facebook page and is reproduced with Dirk's permission 


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