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By Shopify API  •   5 minute read

As you probably know, I have been actively following the free energy scene for quite a while.

This led - among other things - to me being invited to present our work to the BEM conference in Hilversum, NL, in 2012. Already being in the Netherlands, I took the opportunity to visit the Keshe Foundation in nearby Belgium and attend a seminar about the health applications of his technologies. I had a chance to exchange a few words with Mr. Keshe personally and this was my impression then: The man is genuine.

However, he was already then surrounded by "watchers" who were supposed to secretly sabotage his efforts while pretending to work for him. I never shared his idea of bringing this technology to the world via the world governments. I think that is pure naivity.

One of his controllers (closely linked to the Belgian Royal House, who lured him into the country with a lot of unkept promises) was the notorious Stirling Allen, an unpleasant character whom i also met personally in Hilversum and did not like at all.

He was at some stage setting himself up as the pope of free energy with his PESWIKI website that was claiming to be the no.1 vetting authority for all emerging FE technologies. Soon after I met him, getting this very unpleasant impression of him, it turned out that he was deeply implicated in the dark world of pedophilia and ritual sacrifice for which the Belgian Royal house is so famous. (look at the so called "Dutroux Scandal" a while back if this is new to you)

I'm giving you this background because some of my readers have expressed misgivings about us working with Keshe technology.

Apparently this ring of spoilers has finally managed to taint Keshe's reputation. Most likely that is due to his non-delivery of ordered MagGrav generators.

I have not followed all these developments in detail as we have no business dealings with Mr. Keshe whatsoever. But it would clearly conform to the usual pattern of how "Free Energy" inventors have been marginalised, economically ruined, driven into suicide or outrightly killed for more than the last 100 years.

In other words: don't jump to conclusions or judgement when you hear that a free energy invention is "not working" or someone took money and did not deliver. What is important for us is whether the technology and science hold any value or not.

BEM presentation Georg Ritschl

Orgonite, A Breakthrough that has already happened! - Georg Ritschl at the BEM conference Hilversum 2012 

I bought Keshe's 1st book "The Universal Order Of Creation Of Matters" but found the language so difficult to understand that I lost interest for a while, sitting back and waiting for more news on the validity of his tech to emerge. Wilhelm Reich also invented his own terminology in order to express his revolutionary new understanding of energy physics, but at least his books are easy to read. Keshe's books are translated from his native Farsi by his Belgian (Flamish) wife and that doesn't help the understandability in English at all..
What a pleasure then when 2 1/2 years later we heard of a workshop in Johannesburg, given by Cary Ellis from the Keshe Foundation in the US. That could not be missed and was quite a fun happening because all our friends who are interested in free energy and energy healing came together.

Group Photo Keshe Workshop Johannesburg Feb 2017

Group photo at the end of the workshop

Cary Ellis and Georg Ritschl

Cary Ellis and yours truly

GANS in the make

The process of making GANS superficially resembles electrolysis. However it does not need electrical input. 

GANS plasma healing bed

GANS plasma healing bed - you feel a strong tingle when you lie there. Willem is new working with it and having great success in his healing practice.

MagGrav coils

John working on a MagGrav coil

We learned how to make MagGrav coils and then got to the fun part of making GANS. After getting some hands-on tuition, I realised that what Keshe calls "Plasma" is very similar in behaviour to Orgone Energy. From reading his texts, I had not fully appreciated that. 
GANS on it's own can be used to transform the energy in a space, to heal bodily ailments and relieve pain. And it's quite powerful at that. 
It was therefore not a difficult decision to try and combine it with orgonite in some way. 
Friederike was all fired up and took the lead in the GANS making procedure at home. She essentially pioneered all these new products. 
The big test came when we realised that South Africa was caught up in a drought last year. We had by then developed the Booster HHG to be added to our Standard 28mm Cloudbusters in order to amplify their effectiveness.  

KEshe Orgonit Boosted Cloudbuster

Old cloud buster simply retrofitted with Booster HHG - and man does it rain here in Gauteng 

Our first guinea pig was Thomas Linder a pioneer of organic farming who is presently developing a permaculture farm in the Free State. The whole region had been affected by the drought and he was getting quite desperate. I crossed through the FreeState many times in 2017 on my way the the Karoo.
It was mind boggling how much chemtrail spraying and HAARP interference was going on there.
Thomas reported almost immediate rainfall after putting ip the boosted CB. Subsequent crossings through the Freestate showed beautiful skies with lovely cumulus clouds, no more herring bone patterns as before. We are talking here about a central province of South Africa, where most of the maize for the country is grown and a lot of SA's cattle is bred. An area of hundreds of km in all directions.
This was very encouraging.
As I get older, I also get lazier as far as gifting is concerned. In the early days I enjoyed driving up each and every mountain range to get to those far away towers. Today I'm seeking solutions to neutralise these with less "legwork".
The Keshe Orgonite definitely seemed to hold this promise.
No wonder then that when the water emergency situation in Cape Town developed, we would think of deploying as many as possible enhanced Cloud Busters in thatt region as possible. And that's exactly what we did.  

Oom Johannes and his new orgonite cloudbuster

Boosted CB at Khoi San healer Oom Johannes' in the Western Cape - and boy did it rain! (pipe extensions were added later)

Rain over the Karoo

Rain over the Karoo, starting 30 min after the CB was up

3 more Boosted CBs were deployed in the Western Cape, one in Somerset West, 50 km from Cape Town, one in Cape Town and one in Langebaan on the East Coast, approximately 130km North of Cape Town.
We were planning a lot more gifting to forestall any recurrence of the Cape Town Water crisis, but it seems the few boosted CBs have already done the job.  

We feel that with  GANS enhanced orgonite we have a powerfultool to counter large scale negative weather modification and make area gifting so  much easier and more effective. We will still gift cell phone towers with normal towerbusters of course, but a few Keshe-pieces strategically placed seem to make a big difference.  People who received the Keshe Bricks also report extraordinarily strong energy sensations and effects.  

I want one! Take me to the Keshe / GANS orgonite page now !

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