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Lament for Lahaina

By Georg Ritschl  •   5 minute read

A burnt offering for Baal / Molech or just a row of stupid coincidences?

Is this real? The book about the wildfires in Maui is already out a few days after the blaze happened, and of course it firmly locates these fires in the general global boiling narrative.

It's so bizarre!

I first thought it was a devious meme, when someone posted the cover foto on Facebook.

But Hey! Here it is on Amazon. For real! 

This Dr. Miles Stone (is that name real? Indicating "a mile stone on the way to Agenda 2030" ? ) had his book ready right after the event. The Maui fires started on 8 August, today we have 17 August. Quite a fast writer!

Most of us understand how the climate change agenda is completely fake and used in order to drive us into the "Great Reset".

I wrote about that in my last newsletter and blog. 

In absence of any real global warming effects, fires are being started.

See the Greek island of Rhodos, see Ontario, see Spain, Portugal, see California.

And so often they burn down places for which they have other plans. 

Lahaina after the blast. In typical fashion, the devastated area is lice punched out with a cookie cutter.  Trees still standing, houses gone. We see this again and again..

Lost Paradise - as shown in this now obsolete tourism promotion video

And the Governor has a plan already...(you bet!)

“The buildings can be rebuilt over time, and even the banyan tree may survive, but we don’t want this to become a clear space where then people from overseas just come and decide they’re gonna take it. The state will take it and preserve it first,” Green said while standing amongst the rubble.

Quoted from Insider Paper

In fact many stories emerge now about far reaching plans for exactly this, having been hatched long in advance.

Plans which are of course all in line with the Agenda 2030 globalist takeover. 

Strange also that the police chief in charge is the same that covered up the strange anomalies in the great Las Vegas mass shooting a few years ago.

They use operatives who know the playbook

The often poor or lower middle class survivors are treated extremely rudely, getting practically no support and basically being told  to shut up and sell their property. 

The sirens were disabled during the blast and we even hear that police blocked evacuation routes. 

The head of fire department was waxing something incomprehensible about how water should be cherished and not wasted on saving lives.. 

Local and state authorities are stonewalling any questions and journalists are not allowed to take photos if they get access to the area at all. All of that looks like a shock and awe takeover, creating maximum despair in the traumatised survivors.   

It reeks of the same old, same old, don't you think?

Do your own research, a good starting point is here: 

The Satanic Dimension

This complete overpowering and gagging of the victims has also a satanic dimension. We know how much these lunatics love the intoxication of the absolute power over a fear-filled living being, as it is also expressed in the satanic human sacrifice.  

The official number of victims is 91 according to the latest information I have, but I have also heard from unofficial sources about more than 2000 dead.  If we then hear that school children were told to stay home because of the high winds, that's enough for me.

This is the same as throwing defenseless children into the fire maw of Moloch.

Burnt offering for Moloch - children preferred!

Oh, and did I say that Oprah just bought 850 acres of land there? And she's not the only one. Bezos and all his billionaire friends are already there and of course none of their proerties were affected. 

Just a coincidence - nothing to worry about!

These weird beams have been captured again and again where those strange wildfires occured. Do you remember California recently? 

The mainstream media are suspiciously quick in "fact checking" all claims that these are DEWs or "Direct Energy Weapons". But hey, what do you think it is? Nordic lights? 

Do DEW's exist? Normally, once things like that show up in publications, they reflect the state of secret projects from about 10 years ago. 

So, let's assume they exist.

The "Eye of Sauron" - allegedly discontinued research. Really? The article is from 2007 and they freely admit 70 "successful firings to ground". Even if it was never mass produced for the US Airforce, one successful prototype kept in good condition somewhere in a deep state controlled crevice of the US military or some 3-letter agency, would be enough to do this and blitz away settlements that stand in the way of SMART cities, of rural depopulation, all of these beingh WEF and Green New Deal goals.  Think Australia, just before COVID: That was against the independent farmer.  

This just in: Wildfires broke out in Tenerifa, Spain (balearic islands) 

Why am I telling you all this? It is just to raise your curiosity if that hasn't happened already. I have no proof and it could all be (albeit far fetched) coincidences. But that's why we "conspiracy theorists" have now chosen to be known as "pattern recognitionists". 

You can only start to understand the game they're playing with us, once you recognise their ever same, ever repeating patterns of action. 

It's not our job to prove every detail

Courageous researchers are doing this cumbersome work on so many levels. 

Our job is to get a birds eye view of the battlefield! For our own sake, we need to get a good working hypothesis of what's going on. Only then can we position ourselves and adjust our own course of action. 

This doesn't mean we should wallow in misery or fall into deep depression. 

It's just what it is. We need a good compass of the field we are moving in. 

Also understand that they are coming out with all this overtly gross stuff because they are panicking.

Their game has been called out. It's being called out every day and even if they cry "fake news" and try to "fact check" the truth, it's spreading like a real wild fire, not a laser induced one.

Like RFK junior famously said in front of 1 million people in Berlin 2020 at the great anti- plandemic demo:

"Once you woke up, you can't unwake"  

So, while they still appear fearsome and powerful, their foundation is crumbling.

This is what so many etheric warriors describe: The energy has shifted, the empire of Sauron is crumbling. 

We just need to hold steady and expand the zones of light!

Gifting large areas with orgonite is one of the ways we can accelerate the shift and thin the veil that still prevents so many from seeing a clearer picture. 

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