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No Hour Zero in Cape Town

By Shopify API  •   7 minute read

The situation

Water scarcity is one of the central fear memes put out by the same people who brought you "global warming", "peak oil" and all the other fear based memes that have been run through the worldwide populace by the mainstream media. 
For the last 15 or so years we have been primed to believe that "the next wars are going to be fought over water".  

For the Cape Town situation the meme has been summarised under the catchy phrase "Day zero".
Look here , how this fear is being orchestrated:
Yes sure, there is a drought. For the last 2 years The Cape Peninsula has received about 25% less rain than average, after 2014 being an exeptionally good year. South Africa has always been know for quite erratic weather patterns, so not all of this is necessarily sinister. However friends have been reporting unusually dense and intense Chemtrail and HAARP activity there for some time. (For convenience we call all electromagnetic interference HAARP, although the famous installation in Alaska is not necessarily involved) 
But the crisis of drinking water supply is being hyped for most likely sinister purposes (please watch the Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" where a nasty Character named Dominique Green, under false ecological pretexts, tries to monopolise the water resources of an unknown South American country)  and would have been completely avoidable. Cape Town is an excessively popular and attractive city with its unique climate and scenery, defined by the presence of ocean and mountains. Tourists love it and South Africans move there in droves. 
So demand for drinking water has been growing immensely over the years yet the infrastructure has not been developed accordingly. 
Cape Town has ample untapped water resources, there are whole rivers coming down from the table mountain range, that were channeled and covered hundreds of years ago in order to drain the low lying flats. They go into the sea, discharging all this fresh mountain water into the ocean. What a waste!
Cape town sits on a gigantic aquifer that is largely untapped. Apart from that local residents have been drawing fresh spring water from  ore than 80 open springs. These are being systematically sealed.
Sustainable approaches like rain water harvesting or grey water recycling are not encouraged respectively blocked on all levels. 
Here are some diverse sources to give you a primer of the discussion presently going on in South Africa about those who ask the right questions: (undergound aquifier 700km long)

These are almost exclusively mainstream media sources that can not be accused of having a "conspiratorial" bias. 
More and more people are waking up to the fact that the crisis is largely orchestrated and public protests against the draconian measures justified with the alleged "day zero" threat are springing up. An encouraging sign:

What to do
when we started our gifting career in 2002, we very quickly moved into a position where we started taking responsibility for safeguarding Southern Africa against the impacts of weather manipulation. 
When a drought with devastating  consequences was announced for  Zambia and Zimbabwe and front page headlines were announcing the imminent death of 10 million people from starvation in 2004/2005, we were there!  Nobody died of starvation. (Just like "Day Zero" will not happen, it has already been postponed several times) We've stopped a drought in the Western Cape before.
There are countless other examples and if you have read a bit in our expedition reports, you will know that. 
But since we achieved a basic coverage of Southern Africa around 2012, we have slacked a little bit. 
Expeditions to Russia and other projects moved into the foreground.  Of course we continue gifting. This is just a habit, but there were no spectacular tours in 2017. "Only" about 1500 tower busters were placed on our ongoing travels and some 400 pieces of orgonite donated to friends in Cape Town.   
Since the other side is constantly installing new weather manipulating weaponry, one can not rest on one's laurels, unfortunately. Something needs to be done!

A New Tool in our Arsenal

Earlier in 2017 we discovered the power of the GANS technology developed by MT Keshe and started to incorporate it into orgonite. For some peole Keshe is controversial, mostly because of his promised rollout of MAGRAV free energy generators that did not really happen. We believe he is genuine and has just been framed and obstructed in every possible way. I have met him in 2012 and got the impression that he's sincere.
But let not the discussion of the man overshadow the objective achievements. 
GANS (GAs in it's Nano State) is powerful. According to Keshe it is the fourth state of matter or plasma.
When we did a practical GANS and MAGRAV workshop with Carey Ellis from the US, we quickly realised that GANS was in many ways behaving like orgonite.

To cut a long story short: we started making orgonite with GANS and field testing it.  
Our first big test was the combination or a GANS infused HHG with a Cloudbuster that we gave to Thomas L, an ecological farming pioneer who is rehabilitating a piece of Land in the Free State, near Rozendal.
He had been experiencing severe drought in 2017as had the whole Free State.
I often crossed the Free State (a central South African province) from North to South on my way to the Karoo and found it subject to the most awful chemtrail spraying. The sky was just horrible.

After the GANS enhanced CB was put up, this changed drastically.
Thomas got instant rain and the whole Free State with him. I have been through that area at least 4 times since than and found the sky vital and happy: Puffy, well articulated cumulus clouds are always a sure sign of a happy, well orgonised sky.   
So we started making more of these and devised a campaign to get as many of them working in the Western Cape (the province where Cape Town is situated in the South West of the Country) 
We are still giving away these GANS combination Cloud busters at cost for all orders with destination South Africa.

The uptake has however been a bit disappointing. (the positive exceptions notwithstanding)

The combination CBs seem to be able to turn around an affected area with a single piece placed in a strategic spot, without the same need for area gifting foot work. This maybe especially true in areas that have already been gifted but recently overwhelmed by a massive new onslaught of ENMOD technology.

It could just be the thing that can tip the balance in our favour again.

The Karoo (central dry steppe) where we have a small house and a restaurant (since December last year) has also been suffering from severe drought. 
Rain seemed to be notoriously bypassing the little town of Aberdeen where I am now situated.
So it was a nice experience when I brought down the second GANS-CB 2 weeks ago and we got this:

Rain in Aberdeen

Since then its been raining on and off and more rain is expected. The Karoo already looks a lot greener.

Our Friend and long term Customer F.T. in Somerset West near Cape Town did the right thing and put up 3 Keshe-CBs. Within minutes she experienced about 10mm rain. She had been our customer for many years but this still blew her mind!
Not long after this promising rain, the mysterious unmarked black helicopters were flying overhead and the rain stopped. 
She did not want to believe that these things are happening, but here you are: Weather warfare in action. Unacknowledged, secretive and outside existing known state structures. You make up your own mind...  

Please help us turn this situation around!

Cape Town and the whole Western Cape could definitely use an extensive gifting makeover apart from the installation of some more Keshe-CBs.
We are busy doing some more work around the Karoo and Garden Route shortly, but in order to tackle the Western Cape massively, we would need some additional funds. 

How can you help us get this done?

  1. Ordering our products is alway a good way to help us get work done. Of course a lot goes to cover production and distribution costs, but when we have good orders, it creates the breathing space that allows us to do this work.  Paying for the orgonite is not the problem as we always have enough "rejects" (orgonite that's not aesthetically pleasing enough for sale but fully functional never the less. The cost is in the enormous distances travelled, (South Africa is huge) accomodation, and the problems evolving from our time away from our main business. 
  2. Make an outright donation  to our project: or contact me for a Bitcoin Address or whichever other way.
  3. If you are in the affected area, order one of our GANS-enhanced cloud busters here: For orders inside South Africa (shipping destination) a super special below cost price is still available when you set the currency to ZAR (South African Rand) You can also order one of these with the special price and specify our address as deliveruy address. We then know it's a donation and will place it in a good spot.

To make it all a little bit more attractive, here is a discount coupon that you can use today and tomorrow: NoHourZero gives you additional 10% on top of the currently active Valentine's discounts

Let's make it happen! 

Georg and the Orgonise Africa team

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