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Russian PSI research

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

Orgonise Africa has now teamed up with internationally recognised researcher Irene Caesar Phd., sole authorised represenatative of the Moscow based (formerly top secret)  Scientific Research Institute for the National Security for all sales outside Russia and founder of Wavegenome (among many other credentials), to bring the results of this amazing research to South Africa and of course to our international clients.

Says Irina:

"The Institute was founded in 1937 as the central and secret institute for the development of the information-wave technology in the Soviet Union under the name of "Scientific-Research Institute Energy" (Научно-производственное Объединение Энергия) with 5,000 scientists, under supervision of the National Security Agencies of the Soviet Union. The Institute was developing devices and services for the first persons in the State, military commanders, diplomats, Special Forces and the Olympic Team. In 2000 the Institute and its technologies were privatised to become the Institute for National Security. Technologies of the Institute were declassified in 2008. In the US, these technologies are still classified."


"The project is the social and political evaluation of the starting-now technological revolution of quantum / resonance sciences, i.e., applying psi-generators in industry, medicine, and agriculture -- the conversion of climate, psychotronic and geo-phisical weapons for the peaceful application in economy. These technologies offer cure or close-to-cure for now "incurable" diseases, and manifold increase in crop yield in agriculture" (Irene Caesar, Ph.D.)"

What can be done?

- weather modification

- increase agricultural yields

- distant healing

- adressing (fixing) 30 biological systems of the body separately

- effective bio feedback via the quantum Internet (hyperspace)

- informational application of medicines

- rejuvenation 

- and so much more

To the readers of our website these ideas are not new, but the new quality is that here we are tapping into scientific research that was going on throughout the times of the Soviet Union with an estimated (by western sources) funding of 500 million USD per Year.

These products and research results are achnowledged and certified by renowned scientific institutes of the Russian Federation.

The state of Soviet PSI research even 46 years ago was aptly described by Western journalists Ostrander and Schroeder in their landmark 1970 book PSI (that's the title of the original edition which I found in an antique book store more than 10 years ago and read with great interest)

Cover of a later edition with a more "smashy" title...

Irina is going to give a 2 day seminar here in Johannesburg, jointly hosted by Orgonise Africa and our friend Jane McKenzie of Heavenly Harmony, on the weekend of 1 and 2 October this year.

Irina will further give an introduction to her concept "Matrix cities of the future " and an overview of amazing new Russian perspectives on the origin of our present civilisation.

Need I say more?

We are now taking bookings for this event. Early booking is essential as seating at the venue is limited to 100 attendees. 

jointly presented by: 


wave genome by Dr. Irina Caesar  Click here for Jane Mackenzie's website  









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