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Definitely no hour zero in Cape Town

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

The long lasting drought affecting Cape Town was touted as a catastrophe of world wide impact. With dams reaching their lowest levels in decades it was supposed to be the first time a major world city would run out of water. 
Being naturally suspicious of all such announcements and always applying the test of replacing the words "prognosticated, anticipated" et cetera with "planned, wilfully brought about", I already thought that some deliberate mismanagement of the water supply plaid a major role in making sure it would be a good crisis, something to move Agenda 21 forward a notch. 

In case you're new to this: Agenda 21 is the superficially well meaning UN-agenda for sustainable development, spawned in the aftermath of the Rio conference on sustainable development. Based on the flawed science of "global warming" caused by "greenhouse gases", it seeks to implement global control and global taxation. Many independent researchers believe that there is a direct connection between Agenda 21 and the well known depopulation plans of the deep insider cabal as expressed in the Georgia Guide Stones.    
The Georgia Guidestones  form a mysterious monument on which are carved ten “commandments” for a “New Age of Reason”. The first commandment? Maintaining the world population under 500 million people. While the authors of the monument remain unknown to the general public, it is clearly linked to the agendas of major secret societies. Do your own reading on this as it would definitely exceed the scope of this email to say more.
You need to know about these things if you want to understand our line of thinking.  
While this crisis was unfolding (or let's say "being unfolded") we also got increasing reports of hectic chemtrail activity around the Cape peninsula + the telltale signs of electromagnetic weather interference.
When we realised what a big significance the drought in Cape Town had for the furthering of this evil agenda, we decided to take action. The approach was two pronged:
  1. A special sale for the new GANS - Boosted CBs for South African buyers earlier this year.
  2. Our own efforts to place more of these CBs in strategic places and gift some areas that had not yet been done previously.
The GANS boosted CB idea had already shown it's power when the first one we gifted to an experimental organic farm in the Northern Free State unleashed much needed rain there and practically on it's own got rid of widespread persistent chemtrails.
It seems that the addition of the GANS boosted HHG to the Standard HHG potentises it's effect and saves us a lot of footwork that would otherwise be needed to achieve similar effects.  
Recent Cape Town gifting tour
From total dry-up to flooding: Recent street scenes in Cape Town. 
So, when some nice strong rains started in earnest, Cape Town went from drought emergency to flooding emergency because nobody had thought of removing all the rubbish that had drifted into the stormwater drains during the long drought period. A typical problem in Africa because everybody just throws plastic bags and the like out of driving car windows.  
The happy rainfalls are of course not limited to Cape Town but have positively affected the Hinterland as well. See this Facebook comment from a happy organic farmer in Zastron, Eastern Cape, a small town we had gifted on our back roads meander in January 2017.
Orgonising a big country or a subcontinent is a bit like garden work. Once you have laid a foundation as we've done with our big expeditions from 2002-2010, it becomes maintenance. Weeding a bit here, creating a flower bed there or rushing to fight an insect- or fungus infestation in some corner. But the basics don't have to be repeated. The fact that we have covered the whole region with a basic network of orgonite gifts is preventing the worst, but it needs constant attention because the other side is also always upping the ante. We got proof that they are aware of our activities when we got apprehended on our gifting tours in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. 
The prisoners of orgone : Mozambique 
The prisoners of orgone: Zimbabwe
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