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Orgone alchemy

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

So what's really happening?

We can only speculate because we have no access to sophisticated metereological equipment. We rely on the 3 faculties of
  1. observation
  2. reasoning
  3. intuition (and then reasoning again)
When we introduce massively positive orgone energy into an area that has been under heavy chemtrail attack, we often see the chemcrud dissolve within minutes. The process is silent, not accompanied by hefty winds and nobody has ever complained about any detectable fallout.

The pictures below show a typical sequence of chemtrails being dissolved by Orgone energy. it was taken in the coastal town of George, Western Cape, South Africa. The sequence happened within 30 minutes after and while we were gifting approximately 15 cellphone towers with less than 30 small tower busters "Dirty Harry". That's how powerful orgonite is:  

In advanced theoretical physics it has been held that energy is matter and matter is energy. We've all seen Albert Einstein's famous formula E = m c2.  
Or are both expressions of something even more fundamental that underlies our physical reality? A lot of very intelligent people have been speculating in this direction.
All older civilisations had the concept of an ether, fluidum, quantum fluctuation, pranic field.
The old experiential science of alchemy was dealing with transmutations of base metals into gold but also with the refinement of human consciousness.
Were the alchemists just delusional or did they know something we have just plainly forgotten?
In the 1960s the 2 scientists Pons and Fleischman discovered the phenomenon of "cold fusion" to grand furore. I was  a school kid then, but can actually remember the hubub in the press. t was hailed as the end of all our energy worries and then quickly buried like so many breakthrough findings and inventions. 
One of the usual scientific tragedies.

For an overview of some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the last 200 years that were supressed, I can highly recommend the book "Lost Science" by Gerry Vassilatos.  

But people kept replicating the experiments and enlarging on them, so now there is a growing body of knowledge on "LENR" or Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. The European Union even included LENR in their 2012 White Book on future energy sources.  
What happens in LENR is atomic reactions at room temperature in a water glass. (with a few extra elements such as deuterium to trigger it)    
Isn't that alchemy? The TRANSMUTATION of one element to another.  
Living organisms do transmutation of elements all the time. Two Russian scientists have recently patented bacteria that can digest copper and crap out gold. 
Wilhelm Reich has demonstrated how living organisms are formed out of pulsating life energy bubbles that he called bions. All this happened under sterile conditions.
According to the very attractive "expanding earth theory" the earth grows 2 cm a year in diameter by taking in densified cosmic energy.
The theory matches with Wilhelm Reich's theory of the forming of galaxies, solar systems and planets as materialisation of densifying orgone energy which moves in spiral vortices.  

Neal Adam's Growing Earth theory makes sense. These 3 pictures say it all.  

Just put all these seemingly disparate findings together and tell me you can't imagine how the intelligent pulsating life energy that is everything there is cannot take some toxic molecules and transmute them into harmless water vapour.  
A few days ago one of our customers who also makes beautiful orgonite and very creative fashion items emailed me with some interesting news: 
She had taken rain water samples at her thoroughly orgonised place and compared them with samples from a friend's place where no orgonite was deployed.
The samples were analysed in a professional laboratory with the following result: 

Echo Park (Orgone Zone)

Aluminum 42.6 ug Barium 23.6 ug Strontium 30.8 ug

Arleta (No Devices)

Aluminum 1810 ug Barium 73.5 ug Strontium 177 ug

I think it speaks for itself!
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