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Orgonite Pyramids and HHGs

We make them as classical cones as well as in pyramid shapes of various sizes. Have at least one of these powerful orgone generators in your house and one at your work place.

Many observations have shown that the pyramid shape has its own particular energetic effects. This will add to the strong effect of the Orgonite and improve it slightly, especially when the pyramid is positioned in alignment with the north - south axis. You can buy our orgone energy generator pyramid to enjoy amazing benefits.

The composition and inner structure of the pyramids and the HHGs are otherwise essentially the same. All of them contain the classic Orgonite mixture of resin, metal filings and quartz crystal. They also each contain five single-terminated quartz crystals that are aligned with the tip and the four base directions of each Orgone generator.

This causes a much more concentrated energy flow than for example the quartz breakage in our smaller Orgone generators, which has no natural tips to direct the energy flow.

We have used our HHGs to neutralize large arrays of cellphone towers, power plants, satellite stations or other sites of strong negative energy - places where a simple TowerBuster isn't quite enough.

We also love placing them right by the Wi-Fi router, as this will often be the central hotspot of electromagnetic radiation within a home. You can buy orgonite pyramid online at an affordable price from us.

Where does the name HHG come from?

The Orgonite HHG, or "Holy Handgrenade", a term Orgonite pioneer Don Croft humorously borrowed from Monthy Python's "Holy Grail", is a compact orgone generator for the house or important spots in your environment.

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