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Orgonite to the rescue!

Since the Beginning of 2010 news of a bad drought in the Southern Cape, the so called Garden Route began to gain urgency.
We were wondering how that could be as we had done a lot of work already in that region, mainly by gifting cellphone towers along the major roads and of course the string of orgonite we had put in the coastal waters.
All the rest of Southern Africa seemed to enjoy abundant, often quite unusual rainfalls. So what was wrong?
I am in contact with a very accurate dowser and with her I went over the maps of the affected region, with the clear question to reveal the critical spots, gifting of which with orgonite would put an end to this anomaly.
One of the spots near Hogsback and Fort Hare was then taken care of by our Orgone Friends from Knysna.
The rest was fairly well distributed over the Klein Karoo and Western Cape.
So, we planned a family busting and camping trip to cover all the identified spots over Easter.
The movie below is a documentation of that trip:



We hope that watching it will give you an impression of the beautiful landscapes we traversed on our little expedition. This was all off the beaten track and the main population centres.


End of April 2010 - Orgonite has done it again!

Would you be astonished to hear that after our much targeted orgone gifting action, normal seasonal rainfall has started in the drought stricken Garden Route area of South Africa?
Well, after all the info you must have already found on our expeditions pages, I guess not.
We are getting used to these kind of successes, even though the obstacles often seem insurmountable.
This one was particularly interesting because of our special cooperation with our psychic dowser friend who came up with very particular spots and specific instruction on how to gift them.
We have found that again and again now: we need and appreciate psychic guidance in target identification.
The "obvious" busting targets in Southern Africa are pretty much done. That's population centres, main roads, cell phone towers, large water bodies. The result is already brilliant with practically no more chemtrails and very rare HAARP ripples.
Not to forget the vastly increased rainfalls.

Resumed rainfalls in Gardenroute after orgone gifting the area
Article from SO-Plett, online magazine from the Garden Route

The article above admits quite strong rainfalls, albeit in line with vested interests in the region (they were declared a disaster zone, which means money is coming) speaks of continued need to preserve water.


Most of Southern Africa was much wetter 200 years ago

I think we're getting back there.
Africa had a unique spiritual and ecological symbiosis between the African People and the wildlife.
The giant heard of wild animals were fertilizing the plains and the people were spiritually aware of the cycles of fertility and their connection with rain.
All this was destroyed systematically from the mid 1800s on.
Any ecological catastrophe we may be lamenting nowadays pales in comparison with this massive and systematic destruction of African culture and the way of life of humans and animals in these parts.
It is also this spiritual destruction and confusion that we are trying to help healing.

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