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A higher Vibration affects all Aspects of Life

The "protophysical" (predating the physical) effects of orgonite are pretty well documented by now. "Before and After" pictures of clearing/dissappearing chemtrails, HAARP clouds and the like have been published by orgone activists all over the world and show that something is changing whenever we put orgonite out in the environment, especially near emitters of harmful radiation. Various plant growth experiments have been conducted and have shown the vitalising effects of orgonite, stimulating plant growth and strenthening plant health. Also lots of anecdotal evidence (see some of the testimonials on our website) has been published about subjective effects on humans, from just generally stimulating energy levels to "miraculous" healing effects such as spontaneous cancer remissions etc. But what about the more subtle effects on human consciousness?  

Why are we regularly busting (gifting with orgonite) places of political power, places of religious indoctrinationhuman suffering?

These places have significance not on a physical but on a spiritual or conscoíosness level. What was the purpose of gifting Auschwitz and Treblinka and other concentration camps and places of torture and mass murder? Why do we find it necessary to surround masonic lodges with Orgonite?

Orgone swirl in the freestate after gifting Ficksburg and surrounding areas

Interestingly, Don Croft built his first orgonite cloudbuster (yes, all the main popular orgonite tools have been pioneered by Don Croft and he should get a lot more credit for that) not in order to disperse chemtrails or end unnatural droughts, but in order to blast the consciousness of the corrupt city officials in town hall in his then town of residence. The consciousness effects of orgonite are much more difficult to document or prove than the protophysical ones. The proof lies hidden in subtle observations. It will never be accepted by sceptics and that's OK with us. 

How can we know?

Intuitive or psychic perception

Direct psychic insight is one way of ascertaining the consciousness effects of orgonite. From this side we have received a lot of confirmation from many healers and clairvoyants whom we have met along our journey of the last few years, including such eminent and well known shamans as Credo Mutwa.Here are just a few examples that come to mind without much searching. They stand for so many other - often casual - feedbacks we have received over the years:

  • psychics associated with the international orgonite network have found that holding a piece of orgonite, especially one of the pulsed devices such as SP-crystals or Power wands is making it easier to send and receive psychic energy. We use this extensively in the chat sessions at etheric warriors, where we use energy sending to blast the negative entities causing mayhem on this planet. Experienced healers and psychics do not need orgonite in order to perform acts of distant healing, psychic energy sending or remote viewing or sensing, but orgonite helps less experienced etheric warriors to become aware of these abailities by sensing the energy that can then be directed using visualisation.

Credo Mutwa loves orgonite
Credo Mutwa loves Orgonite
  • Sensitive people who introduced orgonite in their household report deeper sleep, more vivid, often lucid dreams and less or weakened etheric attacks.
  • People who constantly work with orgone and are exposed to positive orgone fields start becoming more perceptive of subtle energies and more trusting in their own intuition. That is very much our own experience by the way.
  • My daughter Katharina and I on one of our early gifting trips encountered an abandoned cemetery with the grave of a girl that had died very young. We both fealt the heaviness and the sadness of her death. A more accurate psychic would peobably have found thet her spirit was still lingering around. After we had placed the orgonite, we felt such great relief. Both of us had to cry. (sceptics will say we were just a bit hysteric, I know...)
  • Whern I was travelling in Uganda with Don we gifted Bujagali Falls, a distinct energy spot that had been deliberately desecrated by Idi Amins murderous governement by dumping the corpses of thousands of murder victims. After we had plunged some orgonite pieces into the rapids we saw thousands and thousands of Bats rising from under the overhanging river banks. There was no way that our presence could have physically disturbed them a the rapids are roaring so loud that none of our throws was audible. Funny enough, we all had that eerie impression that they were the trapped souls of Idi Amin's victims now suddenly being released by the burst of positive energy.

The list could be extended endlessly and of course the impressions and sensations in  the psychic realm are of a subtle nature and not made to convince sceptics.

Observation of behaviour changes

Observations of behaviour changes would potentially carry more weight with scientifically minded sceptics as they are open to statistical verification. In the absence of funding for large scale experiments with suitable oversight, they remain "anecdotal evidence" which is routinely dismissed by the scientific establishment. However we should keep in mind that a lot of good medicine and science has been based on keen observation and just such "anecdotal evidence" while "science based medicine" has managed to lower life expectancy in the USA from 74 to 68 years in the last decade. That should make one think.

  • After we had given it a major push by gifting the whole of Johannesburg, previously known as the murder capital of the world (not quite rightly, Bogota has a lot more murders per capita) the rates for serious violent crime, such as murder, manslaughter, robbery with aggravating circumstances dropped significantly for the first time since 1994. That was about 2003. The number of killing delicts for example dropped by 13%.
  • A very good friend with access to the political top leadership in a neighbouring country reported a "new healthy insecurity" among the decision makers after introducing orgonite into the personal space of president, head of secret service and other top military and political personnel. (A very subtle but accurate observation in my view)
  • People stop quarreling and become able to "just let go" in cases of unresolved conflict. They become more constructive in problem solving and tend to work together so much better. One example was a couple whom we had know for years and who had run a business together. At some stage the love relationship between Christo and Merle somewhat cooled down but there were so many things holding them together. A never ending quarreling, bickering and mutual psychic torture commenced. At some point we installed a cloudbuster and some orgonite in their garden and - lo and behold - suddenly they let go. She went to live in another city and both found new partners. I would not mention this if he had not told us that he clearly sees the sudden relaxation as a result of the positive energy introduced by the CB.

Christo and his orgonite CB October 2003
  • A friend of mine worked in an open plan office for a large IT company. The office and furniture was in drab colours and everybody seemed to slouch through their day in a very dpressed fashion. After putting a few TBs in the access flooring and more orgonite in the server room, I returned a few months later: "By concidence" the office had been refurbished in happy pastel colours and everybody (same people) had a spring in their step and a fresh sparkle in their eyes.

How is that possible?

The Muslims have a great saying: "Allahu Akbar", which losely translates into "God is great". What they are trying to express with this is a wonderful humility in accepting the limits of the human mind in explaining how the universe really works. Modern theoretical physics is a lot further down the road of understanding these limits than the more mundane proponents of the mechanistical worldview want to make us believe. Since Heisenberg's "uncertainty Principle", we know that we can either know a particles state or it's momentum, never both. Further research seems to suggest that all perceived material phenomena are ultimately consciousness. Even the (mis)nomer "energy" for those states of the universe of potentiality seems inappropriate. From a quantum physical perspective it seems as if the observing consciousness creates "reality" by collapsing a "cloud of probability" into that which it actually perceives. Many recent authors with a background in theoretical physics have started exploring the spiritual implications of this new world view. (Don calls it the emerging paradigm, as opposed to the recedign paradigm of the mechanistic worldview)

A new paradigm emerging: Quantum consciousness

So, all explanations would be highly speculative and the vocabulary to be used in order to describe these dynamics is not yet settled or agreed upon. One can describe it in a "new agey" way or try to introduce concepts of the new physics. In any case these are only approximations, metaphors for something we intuitively perceive and where we can see the effects, but we don't really know how it works. Maybe we have to acept our limits of understanding and gain more experience in these realms before we venture into formulating new all encompassing "unified field theories". In some way that which Wilhelm Reich called POR or Positive Orgone Energy is obviously creating a more positive flow on the consciousness level and not only on the physical

Orgone pioneer Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich described the relation as follows:
  • DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) = Contraction, rigididty, fear, death, striving for control
  • POR (Positive Orgone Energy) = pulsation, energy moving in vortices, joy, life, creative self-regulation

Of course we know that Wilhelm Reich's pronouncements and theories are also only approximations. He was partly stuck in the materialistic world view of his time and did not say much about consciousness. The best way for you to find out is to try!

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