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Orgonite Gifting Tips

Upon multiple requests, I have finally made some sketches as to where and how many TBs to place in common gifting situations.

None of this is cast in stone. The strength of antennas varies and no situation looks exactly like the other. But it can give you an idea. If you start making gifting a habit (or a hobby/obsession) you will get a feel for it because you will see what creates change. So here goes, without further ado:

Suburban orgonite gifting

Suburban gifting

The most common situation we find is suburban gifting.

A tower stands somewhere on a property, more or less removed from the street front.

This is easy. You just have to find a hedge or a bush nearby where you can hide a TB. One per tower is providing basic cover, especially as far as the big picture (countering weather warfare) is concerned.

It is generally better to gift 10 towers with 1 TB each than put all 10 near 1 tower.

On the other hand for the immediate health of people living nearby, up to 5 TBs are recommended (or 3 5g Equalizers) It is always a compromise between budget and the area that you want to cover.

We have found that covering a large area thinly is more powerful than concentrating everything in one spot. One does what one can and everything helps!

Inner city gifting with orgonite

Inner City Gifting

Imagine downtown Manhattan, highrise buildings, antennas everywhere...

Here it makes no sense to think of gifting individual antenna sites.

Our only chance in such a situation is to go street block by streat block and try to find a hiding place at regular intervals in every street section in all directions.

The diagram is obviously idealised. We found that the limpet buster comes into it's right in these environments as there is often no greenery to hide the orgonite in. And even if, it might be so intensely gardened, that the pieces wouldn't last very long.

The limpet buster has a Neo-magnet embedded and sticks to galvanised steel street poles or steel palisade fencing or any other steel structure. People don't notice it because it's grey colour blends in with weathered galvanised steel.

When gifting downtown Johannesburg, I found there were lots of canopy roofs protruding above ground level. TBs chucked up there will mostly lie undisturbed. But Sure, you need to act self assuredly or wait for a time when the streets are not busy. I've done most of that kind of work at night.

But you will be astonished how little people bother to interfere when you act with confidence.

Hilltop Array Gifting

This is a very common situation on our overland trips.

A hill near a small town with 2-3 towers or sometimes even more.

Mostly we find a long and winding access road up there and drive all the way up.

Depending on how much "firepower" the array has, we like to leave a pyramid or HHG in such a place and pepper a few TBs around the place. A little bit removed from the towers so as not to be found or removed by service personnel.

In South Africa you often find a water reservoir in these places which supplies water to the town. We would always chuck one in there or on top if it's a closed one. That way we capture the energy of the whole town as it is very well conducted through water.

Also, of course now everybody gets to drink orgonised water with untold health benefits.

Mountain range orgonite gifting

Mountain Range Array Orgonite Gifting

We often see cellphone towers on far away and almost inaccessible mountain ranges.

In the old days I would have spent hours in trying to somehow find an access road and drive up there, often to the great annoyance of my family or fellow travellers.

These days we are much lazier and have learnt to substitute quantity for proximity.

So we would typically string out a few TBs along the road at intervalls of between 250 - 500m.

I am using a pendulum* in order to determine the appropriate number and spacing of the TBs. If you have a road branching off not to far from the site, it is ideal to create a triangulation like shown here.

Another opportunity would be if you have a mountain stream coming down from that range and crossing the road. We would often put an HHG or medium pyramid in sich a creek, but a TB will also do good work.

*Simple introduction to pendulum dowsing:

You can use a crystal pendulum or even a pendant that you are wearing. Hold the string between index finger and thumb and wait for it to come to rest. Close your eyes and think "YES". Whatever the pendulum does is your YES (in my case it moves back and forth) Repeat a few times to make sure it's always the same. Close your eyes and think "No". Whatever it does is your No. (In may case sideways movement) If the pendulum does not produce a decisive result, you should rephrase your question. Ask simple YES or NO questions like: "Are 3 TBs enough in this situation?" or "should I space them at 500m?". Do not be to attached to the outcome but also trust your intuition. There is no "wrong" with orgonite gifting ever.

Gifting a river with orgonite

Gifting Water Bodies with Orgonite

Water bodies are ideal carriers of orgone energy. So we gift them by tossing orgonite TBs (or dolphin busters if we can afford that luxury) into them at intervals.

This strategy has proven it's efficacy again and again. When we did Namibia in 2004, we found very few towers to gift. So instead we tossed one into every dry watercourse that we crossed.

Lo and behold this worked amazingly and we provoked the biggest rainfalls ever recorded. When visiting a big city and having limited time and resources, you might just find yourself lucky whene there is a river meandering through that town.

Even luckier you are if and when river cruises are being offered. Get on that boat with a few bags of tower busters and toss one every 500-1000m. That's your best bet for giving this town a major boost.

We have done this in Berlin, Hongkong, Moscow, St Petersburg, Chicago, New York and gifted large waterbodies like the Zambezi over 100s of kilometres that way as well as on the rivers, lakes and canals connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia.

We also laid a "necklace" of orgonite around Southern Africa covering a distance of 4000km from the Congo mouth in the Atlantic to Bazaruto Island in Mozambique in the Indian ocean. This involved many voyages in cruise ships, in my own rubber duck and even freight steamers.

Gifting a whole country with orgonite

Gifting a whole Country with Orgonite

This is of course an idealised version of what needs to be done to orgonise a whole country or green a large desert.

A Cloudbuster every 100 km and Towerbusters every 10 km regardless of whether there are any cellphone towers or not. These should be gifted additionally as well as any radar installations and similar. We have never done it at this density, but I think if you want to get assured results, that would be the approach.

Give me a few hundred thousand $$, a military escort and some helicopters and it can be done! In the meantime we have to strive to get close to it within our limited means.

Orgonite gifting in Southern Africa

We have planted some 25,000 TBs and about 100 CBs in the region. Far from enough, but quite a good effort. It's an ongoing project.

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