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Operation Paradise

Las aventuras de un guerrero de orgón en África

Desgraciadamente, el libro sólo está disponible en inglés.

Effective environmental healing with Orgonite

The book has 338 pages with some 1000 pictures


Part I - Orgone Energy and the Origins of Orgonite

Deals with the historical background of orgonite and orgone energy and it’s implications as well as a short introduction to an alternative view of history and the present order of global society, not without touching the occult foundations of our parasitic “New World Odor” and it’s secret technologies. This is however not a conspiracy book and that part is rather designed to give an expose of our view of things in general, so that you can understand our perspective better. For those interested in further enlarging that subject I name sources for further reading. After all this has also to do with orgone, as stagnant orgone (DOR) creates social pathology, aptly named the emotional plague by Wilhelm Reich.

Part II - Orgonite Gifting Expeditions

After a short discussion of the term “proof” and what actually constitutes science, presents our expeditions as a “body of evidence” towards demonstrating the efficiency of orgonite in large scale environmental healing work. A lot of this material has originally been published on the Orgonise Africa Website. It has been thoroughly edited and put together in an easily readable form. We have found that the material has grown so voluminous that very few people actually take the time to read through all articles on our site. A lot of people have told me that they consider our work and its fairly systematic documentation as the best available proof for the workings of orgonite. It’s about time for a book that you can carry around and read wherever you like.

Part III - Orgone Warrior 101: Orgonite Gifting

Invites you to become an active orgone warrior yourself. After some principal gifting recommendations and an FAQ section, you will get the DIY – instructions to make your own orgonite. I show you how to make an orgonite CB, an orgonite HHG and orgonite TBs as well as the correct winding of a moebius coil on an SP crystal

Part IV - Further Reading re: Orgone & Orgonite & References

This is the appendix with some reading recommendations and text references.



  • Don Croft, (Foreword and his account of our Uganda trip)
  • Dr. Paul Batiibwe, (his account of our Uganda trip)
  • Laozu - Kelly Mc Kennon (His report of our common vortex hunting tour through Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa)
  • Ryan Mc Ginty (tutorial for the making of SP coils) 


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