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And does Orgonite work?

You have all the right to be sceptic, about orgonite and the workings of orgone energy, of course. What we are doing and proposing for you to start doing as well is way outside what you have learned at school. We know that.

Our expedition reports are presented here as a body of evidence for the amazing transformations, orgonite can effect.

Orgonite Proof on the road:

The following pictures were taken on our orgonite gifing expedition to Malawi in July 2008. They show in the most exemplary way, how a few modest orgonite gifts transform the atmosphere in the space of just a few minutes, especially when it has previously been affected by strong electromagnetic interference, HAARP-style.

For clarification: We refer to all electromagnetic interference with the weather and atmosphere as “HAARP” because for our purposes it’s the same. Your ubiquitous “cell phone towers”, your radar installations and many other types of transmitters put out stagnant negative energy, that we call DOR, (deadly orgone radiation) using the term that Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined in the 1940s when he started to investigate this phenomenon. Some of it may be coordinated weather manipulation, some of it just the negative by-product of telecommunication. In both cases it creates drought, biodegradation and other forms of misery.

XL and I had passed through Tete in 2006 on our way home from Malawi. The energy there was then almost unbearably negative. Tete boasts 2 major secret underground bases, (which we already pierced with earth pipes then) a large above ground UN base and lots of other unpleasant things. It was a centre of Apartheid South African sponsored warfare against the Mozambican government by Renamo and the blackened ruins of a fortified Renamo base there (right next to the UN base of now) remind one of the ferocity with which these proxy wars were faught. Millions of Africans died in these wars that South Africa euphemistically called “border wars”.

We had put out quite a bit of orgonite then, but did not find the access road to the radar station above town.

So that remained to be done and done it was this time with great effect. In fact the following few pictures on their own should be enough to convince any sceptic of the thunderous success of orgonite against heavy duty weather warfare equipment.

Let’s have a look:

orgonite in action in Tete, Mozambique

Radar station on mountain top above Tete

orgonite gifting radar station above Tete, Mozambique

A closer look

Orgonite Safari Malawi: Friederike digging in an earth pipe

Friederike hammering in an earth pipe

The sky was heavily rippled from all the electromagnetic HAARP crap coming from the radar station.However it did not look all that energetically negative any more, probably because of all the previous gifting of other places in town and the foothills of that same mountain.

Orgonite starting to do it's work

HAARP sky over Tete mountain top array

10 minutes later: dramatic change already happening

A blue hole forming - the muck is breaking open The most dramatic change was happening within the space of 20 or 30 minutes.The sky started changing immediately after we placed the first gifts near the radar station. As we left the mountain, a large blue hole had already formed and minutes later rain was already coming down in the distance.

And as we leave after 40 min: the blue hole is already quite distinct

Not much later: The first rain in weeks, totally out of season in July

That was really nice confirmation We drove off very satisfied.The sequence shown above is absolutely typical of what happens when a massive negative energy transmitter get’s busted with a few appropriate tactical orgonite tools. We have seen it so many times. Not always the effects are as easily documented on camera however.If you browse through our older expedition reports, you will find many similar sequences documented.

Orgonite: more proof of its amazing Power

2 droughts in Southern Africa that were widely announced and should have led to up to 10 million dead from hunger in Zimbabwe and Zambia in 2003 and 2004 respectively have been stopped so far as well as some regional ones such as the very severe drought in the Western Cape that we stopped in Easter 2005. Here are a few examples:Orgone Gifting Tour to Uganda November 2003 For a more detailed account of my trip to Uganda with Don Croft, please refer to "Expeditions" on our website. Here are 2 very clear photos showing the effect of orgonite gifting on the atmosphere.

Energy Flare after some initial busting in Kabale - Note the rippled sky in the background: HAARP

Wow! Look at this! Orgone vortex over mountaintop array near Torero This was not there before we busted the place. Orgone gifting the Kruger Park and KZN Coast in Dec/Jan 2003/4 The Northern Limpopo Province was extremely affected by the drought at the end of 2003. We had the feeling that “something” was blocking the inflow of moist air from the Indian Ocean.

Typical newspaper headline in December 2003

Acting on this hunch, we decided to treat the coastal line and the eastern border of South Africa with priority in the hope that might unlock the much needed rain.

Phase 1 of this enterprise was the zone along the Kruger Park. Since everything east of that belongs to Mozambique and is mostly pristine wilderness, we surmised that the electromagnetic barrier might be the densely populated strip along the Kruger. This included Hoedspruit Air Force base, well known for it’s involvement in weather modification. We found the area in a bone dry condition, all life on the brink of dying. In a 2 day intense busting mission we deployed some 400 TBs and planted a CB in Timbavati, a private game reserve bordering on the Kruger national Park. This mission was rewarded with a fantastic thunderstorm, 27mm rain the first night and ongoing good rains in the “Hinterland” of our busted strip thereafter. A subsequent visit to the area after exactly 1 year in the same season showed the same region lush and green.

Note the pale blue sky before we put up the cloud buster

CB placed, fertile rain cloud building up massively

There they are: the first drops falling

Widespread rain falls in the “Hinterland”

Operation Desert Rain - Namibia Sept/Oct 2004

These few harmless looking blue dots are the result of an excruciating 11,800 km expedition in September 2004, where we placed about 1100 TBs several HHGs, etheric sticks and 5CBs all over Namibia.

And Rain it did!

Rainfalls over Namibia after our Expedition

Orgonising the Western Cape, Easter 2005 The following photo sequence was made within the space of not more than 30 minutes while gifting the town of George in the Western Cape Province of South Africa (+/- 10 towers) It shows the rapid dissolution of chemtrails/HAARP clouds in a very short time.

Absolutely amazing!

Fully HAARPed up chemtrail slime

Dissolving, first natural clouds showing

Dissolving, some cumulus showing

Now the sky looks all right (after 30 min)

The Western Cape had been declared a disaster zone because of persistent drought conditions before our gifting trip.After we were finished, substantial rain came down. Note the subtle propaganda twist in the orchestrated press below: Instead of jubilating “Yihaaah, rain at last!” it reads “Flooding damages western Cape Roads”! Road damage occurred only in one particular spot near Caledon , where farmers have tilled the stony landscape, totally denuding it of its original fynbos vegetation, thereby taking away any water retention capacity this ecosystem originally possessed.

Negative newspaper article after our orgone gifting Orgone in Farming

It is obvious from all the above mentioned that a farmer should profit enormously from orgone technology! In February 2004 we installed a CB at James Moffet’s organic/biodynamic Farm Kirklington in the Free State and surrounded it with TBs. James is a respected and very active and knowledgeable member of the organic farming community in South Africa . He is a sought after speaker and advisor on all matters related to organic and biodynamic farming.

Moffet Family and CB This is what James, has to say: While Georg stayed with us he treated numerous cell- and radio-phone towers in our area by placing his orgonite discs at the bases of the towers. The impact of this drive has been amazing as mentioned above, in terms of rainfall, which we also experienced at Kirklington. Further to that I have seen a definite improvement in human, plant and animal health on the farm. This was aided by placing orgonite discs all around the perimeter of Kirklington and seeding dams with the discs. The biggest visual impact has been on the farm community, including myself: a new openness, combined with renewed trust and a phenomenal feeling of love has entered and permeated our lives. The result: a farm filled with happiness, joy, sharing and love. Our thanks to Georg and Friederike.

The Hospitable little Outlook where we stayed – Thanks Vanessa and James!

Vortex coming alive after placing CB at Kirklington

Orgone facilitating Sylphs and Luminosity Many participants in our informal international network have observed them: feathery clouds, often looking like spirited life forms that seem to greet us after a successful busting trip. Spiritually more sensitive people perceive these as sylphs or devas, spirits of the air that are thanking us for our work. Often we observe this strange radiant glow of everything around us after treating a major source of negative energy. Strangely this is felt with the heart as much as it’s visible to the eye.

It is difficult, not to see these ethereal formations as living beings

Luminous sunset after busting Kendall Power station To the heart it’s an overwhelming feeling of joy, love and gratitude. To the eye it’s a radiance, an intensity of colour as if the things were slightly translucent and radiating from within. It gives us a glimpse of the world we are striving for, the ultimate goal of all this work.

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