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Mama Mbekis orgone zapper (and orgonite Cloud-buster)

July 2004 Since the end of last year I’m in contact with Dr. Kizito, a Ugandan medical doctor who lives and works in South Africa, Eastern Cape province. I met him through Drs. Batiibwe and Kayiwa with whom we have worked together in Uganda for some time. When I showed him the orgone zapper at our first meeting, he said to my great joy and surprise that this was nothing new to him. He had received his medical training in the then Soviet Union. According to Dr. Kizito the basic principle of therapy by weak electric current is known there since the beginning of the 20th century. It is being used on a wide scope of ailments there. The name given to this therapy in Russia and the former Soviet Union is ELECTROPHORESIS.Since Dr. Kizito’s emphasis lay in sports medicine, he has mostly seen applications in the healing of sports injuries and wounds.Dr. Kizito is an internationally recognised expert in natural healing methods, under special consideration of African healing plants.Apart from many other diseases he has had mind boggling success with AIDS patients.In this success, a special role is played by the products of the Moringa tree, which is indigenous in many Equatorial African countries, among them Uganda. Moringa contains a remarkably complete palette of micro nutrients and vitamins. Further antiviral effects have been noticed.Many AIDS patients that suffered from extreme weight loss, were bedridden and plagued by all kinds of secondary diseases, have been restored to full vitality.Indicators hailed by orthodox AIDS medicine as very significant such as the “CD4 count“ are regularly improving visibly (I reserve the right to have my doubts about virtually any dogmata of conventional “AIDS science”) At Dr. Kizito’s Suggestion I sent his presently most prominent patient, Mama Mbeki, the 88 year old mother of South African president Thabo Mbeki, a zapper a few month ago. (Of course it was an EL SILVERADO) She was suffering from a bad Arthritis with joint pain and reduced mobility. A few weeks ago Dr. Kizito called me to tell me how enthusiastic Mama Mbeki was about her Zapper and that she would like to meet me. If I could bring one of my cloud-busters as well. I did not hesitate and an appointment was scheduled for the 2nd of July. Of course I also wanted to see Dr. Kizito’s work with the AIDS patients.The visit with Mama Mbeki went well beyond expectations. She is a wonderful, elegant and charming lady who is far from appearing old or even frail. Mama Mbeki lives in Idutiyva in the former Xhosa „Homeland“ Transkei, now part of Eastern Cape province. Apart from a little cabin for the presidential guard, her house does not show any signs of an elevated social status. One might rather speak of very modest circumstances.She has chosen this lifestyle as she wishes to be close to the community of her origin.Mama Mbeki was very happy about our visit and volunteered much positive comment about the zapper. Her general vitality and agility were the best proof that she felt well and didn’t suffer from debilitating pain any more.Mama Mbeki has dedicated her former more stately home in which she spent the last years of her husband’s life with him (The late Gowan Mbeki, a paramount leader of the ANC) to be utilised as a hospice and clinic by Dr. Kizito.Dr. Kizito will establish a community care facility there, which is urgently needed in the generally impoverished area plagued by poverty diseases. (not only AIDS)Originally the idea was to place the cloud-buster at this future Hospice. On inspection it became clear though, that it wouldn’t be well guarded there before the clinic will resume work.So it was decided to place the CB in Mama Mbeki’s yard. The sky had been overcast with ugly chemcrud for a while. Soon after erection of the CB we saw a few blue openings and the beginning of cumulus clouds.Later we would see a Vortex forming around the location of MM’s CB that was visible from afar. Later in the evening we got further confirmation in the form of a weather forecast showing a rain front moving thorough at this unlikely time of the year. We were to witness this front moving in on our departure but not yet the rain itself. Mama Mbeki showed delight over the CB, especially over the aspect of it possibly contributing to breaking the vicious cycle of rural impoverishment, consisting of overpopulation, biodegradation, erosion and destruction of cultural traditions and consequent lack of initiative and depression.We parted after some animated chatting in a heightened mood.During the following one and a half days we visited several patient groups of Dr. Kizito. Most of them were diagnosed HIV+ and AIDS sufferers.These groups are in their majority carried by churches and the care work with the patients is carried by volunteers, most of them diagnosed HIV+ or AIDS themselves. The successes through improved nutrition and the application of Dr. Kizito’s immune-boosters were reported in unison.Nevertheless I felt that all the patients and helpers throughout were programmed by fear.From all sides it gets hammered into their brains that they are suffering from an incurable disease that will inevitably lead to an early death after a protracted phase of sickness under the influence of the side effects of „Antiretroviral“. (as if those had any proven beneficial effects) Even those that had been emaciated skeletons and fully recovered with Dr. Kizito’s Immune Boosters are still psychologically transfixed by this imaginary predicament.The programming is reinforced by remote-controlled AIDS-activist groups like especially TAC (Treatment Action Campaign) but also increasingly by government health agencies.This is the more regrettable as president Mbeki and the Health Minister Dr. Manto Tshabalala Msimang who has just been reaffirmed for her second term, have voiced serious and well founded doubt in the comical vodoo beliefs of the deadly AIDS orthodoxy.The pressure exerted by the interest groups behind these vodoo beliefs seems to be still overwhelming though at the moment and steamrollers over all legitimate doubts and any questions without mercy. In view of the social and economic factors that come together here it is difficult not to believe in a deliberate effort to reduce the black rural population that has been in-officially declared "superfluous eaters" by the protagonists of the "New World Order". (Corporate fascism)The cynical consequence of this plan can really drive tears into one’s eyes, especially after meeting all these brave victims fighting for their lives and those of others while being fed with false information from all sides. This is even more tragic considering by what easy means AIDS victims can be restored to full health: Detoxification, Nutrition therapy, Good food and a Zapper. Some patients had already made some positive experiences with the zapper but not many. Of the 5 zappers I had sold to Dr. Kizito, most were given to individual private patients.For this reason I gave 3 zappers to trustworthy (HIV+ themselves) care givers in order for them to use them on themselves and interested patients in their care. The Advantage of this arrangement is that all 3 have access to testing (HIV Antibody, CD4 and Viral Load) which can help to further widen our body of evidence.Ethically I’m asking you to understand this in view of our multiple Experiences of strong improvement in HIV patients up the total „sero-conversion“ we have received reports about and the complete harmlessness of the zapper in terms of any reported side effects, based on the experience of thousands over many years.All 3 Volunteers we are working with are strong and charismatic personalities who have not allowed themselves to be held down by the illness and the accompanying propaganda. The perspective that the disease could possibly not only held back but conquered completely in a relatively short time has given them new enthusiasm.I am already looking forward to the „negative“ results of this little experiment and to getting to meet these impressive women again.Georg Ritschl

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