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Our discovery of Orgone

Von Georg Ritschl  •   4 Minuten gelesen

Our discovery of Orgone

Our discovery of orgone

How does one become an orgone activist?

You may have wondered about that for some time if you've been reading on our website. Let me tell you how it started for me in 2002.

In fact it started much earlier, namely when I was about 15 years old and found Dr. Wilhelm Reich's book "The function of the orgasm - The discovery of orgone vol1" - of all places - in my mother's book shelf.

Wihelm Reich, the discoverer of orgon energy=

Orgone energy - my first encounter

So that must have been about 1974 or thereabouts. I'm not sure if my mother ever read the book or if so if she understood it's implications. I was then totally addicted to anything psychological, from Sigmund Freud to god knows what, I read everything I could get. That was probably my way of dealing with teenage insecurities mixed with a genuine desire for truth.
Wilhelm Reich resonated with me immediately, especially his psychological theories. By the time I finished school I had read pretty much all his books and they influenced me greatly. But that was more Reich the psychologist of Character Analysis, Mass Psychology of Fascism and so on. I even joined a Commune, loosely based on Wilhelm Reich's ideas of "Character Analysis", the AA-commune founded by Austrian action artist Otto Mühl.

This orgone stuff however seemed a bit far out to me and I really put that on the back burner for many years. I just couldn't integrate that information at the time.

Only decades later, when we already lived in South Africa (since 1997) should this knowledge become activated.

In 2001/2002 I had gone through a phase of intense searching, reading widely about various aspects of the hidden reality aspects that some call "conspiracy theory" in order to diminish and belittle this legitimate quest for truth. Strangely, my inquiry had begun with the question "what is money - who makes it - who defines it's value". I started naively by visiting a large and well sorted public library only to find zillions of books about how to manage money on a micro-and macroeconomic level. I had to dig deeper and finally found books like "The Federal Reserve System" by Eustace Mullins and "The creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. This was of course only the beginning. Needless to say I read all of David Icke's books, but also many others like the classical "None dare call it Conspiracy" by Gary Allen.
I'm a voracious reader and if a book catches my attention I don't put it down until I'm through. So, no wonder, I became aware of this whole new vista of supressed history and as a part aspect of it the history of free energy inventions from Reichenbach, Tesla to modern day unsung heroes like Stanley Meyer or Bill Muller.

An then it happened:

while looking for free energy info I came across Don Croft's simple instructions on how to build an orgonite cloudbuster at Stefanie Relfe's websitehttps://www.metatech.org/cloudbuster_&_orgone_machine.html .

Don Croft's instructions for building an Orgonite cloud buster or chembuster

Don Croft CB kit

Don had provided simple instructions on how to build an orgonite cloud buster and that suddenly seemed so much more do-able than the complicated machine that Wilhelm Reich had invented to draw orgone energy from the sky. Don had really brought orgone tech from the laboratory to "street fighting level".

classical Wilhelm Reich cloud buster

Wilhelm Reich style classical Cloudbuster (no orgonite)

Since I was already in free energy experimentation mode, got busy collecting the necessary ingredients and translating the measurements from inches to millimeters.

It took me quite some time to get it all together and at that time there was nobody offering ready made CBs or even kits.

I finally had the base poured and when I stuck the pipes in, the most amazing changes in the sky happened:

It must have been in February 2002 or so and I remember it was a clear summer day with absolutely cloudless blue sky.

Within about an hour a ring of beautifully articulated cumulus cloud had formed over the CB, leaving a clear blue hole in the centre.

Orgonite Cloudbuster creases blue hole in the sky

This is a similar blue hole we provoked in Mozambique by gifting a nasty radar site in Tete. Very similar energy dynamics. Unfortunately I never took a photo of our original blue hole in Parkview, Johannesburg 2002. But we see them all the time when we gift with orgonite

The whole sky loked very alive suddenly. About an hour or so later the ring of cumulus cloude seemed to "implode", leading to a hefty down pour with thunder and lightning. The blue hole, indicating an energy vortex, stayed visible for many months. We could regularly see it from as far as 40km ot, always knowing where our home was, because the blue hole would point us to it.

This was the beginning of our journey with orgonite.

Continue reading our expedition reports is you want to find out how the story unfolds...

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